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Comments made by jlco

San Diego City Embarks On Regulations For Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries

I am glad that the City Council is setting standards
for the siting of Medical Marijuana dispensaries.

However, I am afraid that in imitating Los Angeles,
San Diego is about to make the same ominous mistakes.

MM dispensaries should be sited next door to police
stations, to discourage robbers and to insure that they are operated
within the law. They should be under 24 hour video surveillance.

Dispensaries should also be prohibited from cash sales.
All sales should be done by credit or debit cards, so there won't
be the temptations of thousands of dollars in tills to attract robbers.

The Council's understandable and commendable
concern with protecting neighborhood quality of life and preventing
access to children is unfortunately resulting in setting these
cash-heavy treasure-boxes in remote areas far from police protection.

It would be far more effective and safer to site MM
dispensaries to within a block of police stations. This would also
simplify police supervision of the operations, and prevent
tax cheating on the part of operators.

September 14, 2010 at 9:24 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Medical Marijuana Laws Are Hazy

Mr Walter materially misrepresents both the law and the practice of medical cannabis . Though it is true that nothing in the law says that vendors and dispensers of legal medical cannabis may make a profit, nothing says they cannot. How else can any business survive? What is a fair price for an ounce of
prime cannabis? That is something for the market to determine, not the SD County DA's office. 99% of the some 70,000 MM patients in the county have no realistic way to provide themselves with legal medications other than buying it retail. They cannot grow it: it takes 3-4 months of expert care and quite a bit of expensive lighting and ventilating equipment. Mr Walter suggests that because Prop 215 et seq. are silent about the exact mechanisms of distribution that any system will be de facto illegal, an absurd contradiction of the purpose of the law that any lawyer should recognize. The vendors and dispensers are instrumentalities following
upon the decriminalization of medical marijuana, just as other retail outlets for other sorts of legal drugs. Ms. Dumanis has said she has no quarrel with real medical marijuana patients. In that case, the DA's office should concentrate on
strengthening the verification process instead of producing counterfeit MM IDs for undercover cops to sting unwary dispensary operators trying only to comply with law. If the SD DA wants to comply with the spirit and letter of Prop 215 et seq., instead of raiding dispensaries and arresting wheelchair patients, the police could be far better deployed explaining the city's tax policies to dispensaries, and insuring that their own stings, with perfect replicas of MM ID cards and phony verification call in numbers manned by taxpayer-paid shills, and bring in much-needed money to the county and city coffers. Stop impeding legal access to legal medicines by legal patients.

September 24, 2009 at 12:36 p.m. ( | suggest removal )