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Comments made by jle1973

Prison Crisis: Overcrowded And Unconstitutional

I was dissapointed in your Prison System Overview, knowing this may be a week long show on the subject I will give you time to give the other side a chance. It was interesting to see you had 2 ex inmates and a Psychologist on the show. The psychologist really seemed to know very little about the prison system. Why was there no rep from Donovan there? No admisistrator, or Correctional Officer to help the public see things from their point of view? Secondly, Its not CDCR's decision to keep the inmates in for longer, its the voters. 3 Strikes was passed into law by the Voters of California, not the Prison system, people forget that. There may need to be some changes to that law, but personally I would like to keep violent offenders behind bars. These Inmates have to make choices when they parole. If they choose to make a mistake again, and again and again, I hold them accountable. If I am going to pay to help assist ex felons to be rehabilitated I would rather have them behind bars then on our streets.

October 6, 2009 at 2:22 p.m. ( | suggest removal )