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Comments made by Jocelyn Maggard

Should The City Pay For The Spreckels Pavilion Organist?

I believe Pat makes a good point. Although, the hourly pay initially appears to be very high, one has to remember this is not a 40 hour a week job. A lot of the work is probably done on the organist's own time. Also, thank you Pat for using the term noodle around, loved it.

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Looking For Noir In San Diego

A few years ago I took a California Literature class, in which we read Raymond Chandler's, "The Big Sleep." We talked about some of the reason's California in general makes a great place for Noir fiction. "The Big Sleep" is set in L.A., but like L.A. San Diego also has a port, and we discussed that ports make a great setting for this genre. Firs off, there is a lot of movement in the population. People tend to settle more in rural areas rather than bustling cities. The movement and the bustle allows for crime because people can slip under the radar. Also, ports bring in drugs, and other illegal paraphernalia. Second, the topography, as mentioned in Maureen's post above is a good setting as well. The hills and winding roads allow for more privacy than flat areas. Even though houses are closer together than in the back woods, one may be out of their neighbor's sight based on the way his or her house is situated. As much as Southern California has a sunny and fun dispostion, it still hasd the ability to be a dark and seedy setting.

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New Book Strikes A Chord Making Fun Of White People

I agree. Everyone wanted to know what I was listening to on my headphones that was so funny..

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