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Comments made by jnsinsman

Protests Against Arizona's Immigration Law To Spread Across California

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer : here is one Missouri person that thanks you for your fortitude and wish you the best in your newly signed law.

Gods speed and peace be with you.

Do not bend to the forces from Washington they are short lived come November we shall see a new direction.

The media is trying to say now that the Tea Party is hurting the GOP but I am predicting that the Tea Party will swing to the conservatives and take the congress and house back and be rid of the likes of Pelosi, reid, and all the others, the "CZARS" as well. Throw Rev. AL Sharpton in with them too.

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Protests Against Arizona's Immigration Law To Spread Across California

Illegal : Profiling : anything else that one would contest , let it come, but it should have come a long time ago . Political correctness , ship it out the window also. take back our country and get these people back across the line when they belong but like sheriff JOE in Arizona he has been doing it already for some time and the President challanged him but some months later Joe is still at it and more power to him.

I say Adios amigos get the hell out of our country and do your dirty work back in Mexico or Guwato or where ever you came from.

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ACORN: The Politics Of Poor Choices

ACORN ; finally the exposure has broken this foul demon to the breaking point and they are not going to get the reported $33,000,000 budget from us.

HOWEVER, it is reported now that they have broken into seperate groups and renamed each ( Glann Beck reports on this last week on the 20th of April)

Wolves in Sheeps clothing and another dole out of our money and without a doubt having the blassing of the Obama administration.

When will all this stop ?

It will stop in November when the TEA PARTY folks come together with the conservatives in the country and rid this great nation of the socialists, the commies, the markists and reinstate our system to the free capitalist government that we all know and keep our AMERICA strong .

Keep our missles in Turkey, Tell Iran no deal on nuclear , blockade them and get some back bone into our white houe.

Goodbye to Reid, Pelosi, Dobbs, Frank and all the "czars" that were appointed while congress was in recess and they did not get to approve one, not one of these "czars" Mr. Obama has surrounded himself with those the Beck, Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Hannity have exposed for what they are.

America, the greatest country in the world has its chance come November, don't let her down.

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