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Comments made by joebalboa33

What's Your Impression Of Chula Vista?

Start at the top. Take a look at the leaders in office and their history and check what people what they think of them. The Bay-front project would also be a nice place to start if they want to really grab attention. There was a chance to make a big splash there with a Bay front Stadium and add something that really would've put the city on the map not just locally but nationally. But in house grudges scuttled what could've been an anchor project to the area. That along with the other things mentioned above are just some examples why everyone views the area the way they do..

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Petco Park To Host Annual Monster Jam, Motocross Events

Sad to see more tenants leaving the Q...also how are they gonna fit all those trucks downtown?

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San Diego Chargers Commit To Qualcomm Stadium Lease For 2014

We need to get the stadium issue resolved as time is running out. The team has shown commitment to the area over the last decade by proposing several plans to get something done locally and by choosing not to trigger the escape clause year after year. However the current lease is set to expire soon and with the time it takes to get a stadium built, the City is on track to find it self without a professional team even sooner than that. Our city hall leaders need stop saying they want to keep the team and match the 'commitment by coming up some real action.

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San Diego Chargers Will Seek New Mayor's Backing For Stadium

Thanks JeanMarc,

You said you do not follow sports so I have to bring you up to speed the Chargers actually are on the upswing and had one of the best seasons in the last 5 years, even making the playoffs. The Chargers actually only had one black out game last year and the reason why we sometimes are the under the amount for sell outs is because it is based of the size of the stadium and percentage of seats sold. I think its 80 or 90 percent not sure. The Chargers actually sell 60,000 tickets regularly which is on par with other cities but the stadium we have now is 70,000+ structure, one of the largest seat wise in the country. That was the problem the city did when it choose to just expand the stadium seat count to 71,000 instead of rebuild and fix the structural deficiencies in the 1990s. The proposed structure from the most recent plans I've seen are for a 62,000 Stadium, which they normally cover percentage wise. If blackouts are the concern the chances of us not hitting that 80 or 90% would go down.
Not being a sports fan I can understand why people only see price tags. I would suggest also keeping an open mind to other things that would be indirectly related by a new facility like the impact of redevelopment in three under used neighborhoods, new construction jobs for those three sites, gaining a city-benefiting tax revenue from those three sites, gaining the much desired river park in Mission Valley, consolidation of the money the city already spends on the sports/civic locations and of course the larger impact of the Premiere Events and the business and tourism they attract through Super Bowls, NCAA final four tournaments, Bowl games, Concerts, Title Boxing Matches, etc. Unfortunately we also have to consider the alternative too. Not updating the facility and the lease with the expires. The most likely effect being a vacated facility and the impacts which I would not like to think about...
More reading on how the city would benefit:

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