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Comments made by joelessor

Border Crosser Shot With Taser Taken To Hospital

It is unfortunate that Mr. Hernandez died, but in general I agree with the previous 2 comments. I don't see any comments supporting ILLEAGAL immigrants. You interviewed a Mr. C Ramirez (who is he and what credibiliy does he have, it was difficult to understand him because of his spanish accent),, he did say one thing I agree with, "the death was a product of our failed immigation policy". Exactly, Mr. Hernandez should have never been in this country to begin with. Is Mr. Ramiriez going to go down to Scripts Hosp. and offer to pay for Mr. H.'s bill; probably not- it will be eaten by the hospital or the Amer. taxpayers.
Lest you think this is some kind of racist diatribe, you are mistaken. I am a 60 year old native of San Diego, who went to the most racially diverse schools here and have many dear friends whose heritage is from Mexico.
My life has been adversely effected by Illegals over and over. I find the KPBS coverage on this issue to be tilted towards criminals who have violated US laws,, and maybe you think it necessary to be "politically correct". Why don't you have some alternate commentary that supports another view? You are 'Public Radio', correct??

June 1, 2010 at 6:15 a.m. ( | suggest removal )