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Comments made by joeymac

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

Sinclair sez:

" I provide SSA with everything required by Law, ..."

How does a wanted criminal qualify for SSI benefits, against its published rules?

How does one qualify for subsidized housing and SSI while taking in EXCESS of $60,000 in a calendar year?

Who was the beneficiary of your "stock sales" in your sham corporation? Doesn't that income disqualify you for SSI/medicaid. Who is the beneficiary of your book sales? Is that income enough to disqualify you for benefits?

November 6, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

Larry Sinclair sez:

"You people continue to claim I am a LIAR but you have not been able to do anything but call me a LIAR, you have yet to prove a single lie."

How about:
(1) Barack Obama is uncut.
(2) You were going to get your telephone records to prove contact with Donald Young. Then, you lied and said that they were unavailable to you.
(3) You lied and said that you couldn't get YOUR credit card records to prove your expenditures in Chicago. A lie, because THE CREDIT CARD WASN'T YOURS. And, its my understanding, the usage was unauthorized.
(4)You lied about the alleged limo driver's name--changing it several times.
(5) In an interview with shock jocks, Opie and Anthony, in 2008, you claimed that you couldn't reveal whether or not BO was circumscised, because you were contractualy prevented, because you were going to reveal it in another imminent interview. Fact is, you didn't state it until many months later after you solicited members of Barack Obama's health club to provide the information to you. Except that the person that supplied it punked you.
(6) In 2008, you constantly claimed that you were truthful about your past, but you never revealed outstanding warrants in CO, FL and DE; other people had to uncover them.
(7) You claimed that you never used any aliases, but records indicate that you used at least 14 different ones. You say that they were legal names for you: granted, so why were you using them except to practice deception.

This is getting boring.

November 6, 2009 at 1:22 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

Larry Sinclair, are you currently under investigation for medicaid/SSI fraud? How does a criminal with an outstanding warrant qualify for SSI/medicaid without using another ID? On the SS website, it clearly states that persons with outstanding warrants are ineligible.

How does a "best-selling author" and CEO of a publishing empire qualify for welfare (SSI)?

You scored, by your own words, $30,000 for failing a lie-detector test in 2008. You had access and constructive use of $ten of thousands more from a bevy of paypal accounts in 2008, while living in subsidized housing and collecting (by your own admission) SSI benefits; how did you manage that without gaming the system by using multiple SS#s? It seems that Orly Taitz is investigating the wrong target.

November 6, 2009 at 12:52 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

Sinclair's constant mantra about people that debunk him is they "haven't read the book." That reminds me of the time when some were objecting to the Vietnam War, the ultimate comeback from the pro-war proponents was that the anti-way proponents "haven't been to Vietnam" and therefore, by implication, were unable to make a valid judgment concerning the matter.

November 6, 2009 at 11:45 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

Larry Sinclair is a lifetime grifter/scammer who steals credits cards, writes worthless checks to indigent people, passes counterfeit money orders, uses multiple tax-ids to scam SSI benefits and defraud medicaid, all of which indicates that he is a pathological and shameless liar.

At the beginning of this thread, is a comment of Mr. Larry "Citizen Wells" Wells of Greensboro, NC, who--in his own mind--is "well educated" and of a "strong background."(????)

Mr. Wells is so well educated that he searches for Bigfoot, and--I think--claims some contact with him. I sure his "research" of Sinclair's fantasy of is as painstaking as his quest for the elusive (and, perhaps, illusive) monster.

Mr. Wells operates a blog that is a repository of sociopathic hatred of President Obama, so it is no mystery why he promotes any sort of lie that he hopes will de-legitimize the President. He, and his blog denizens, are adamant proponents of the ridiculous lie that the President is not a citizen. Abject hatred makes odd bedfellows.

Sinclair claims conversations with Donald Young on the internet and in his "book." But, alas, assertions in those media carry no threat of criminal prosecution for making false statements. However, in an affidavit to the Chicago Police Department, he makes no such assertions; to do so would place him in jeopardy of perjury prosecution, if perusal of telephone records indicate that Donald Young made no calls to any number that Sinclair claims. Sinclair, a thrice-convicted felon and career criminal, is wise to all the tricks of avoiding legal liability.

Again, in his "book," Sinclair claims that President is uncircumscised, and, when pressed, he avers so on the internet. But, when he had the opportunity to testify under oath in <i>Barnett vs. Obama</i>, in California, he punked out and fled when he learned that he would be asked about the alleged encounter. He didn't want to testify on something that could be disproven and make him liable for a perjury charge.

Sinclair penned his libelous screed, it has come to light that President was born in Kapiolani Hospital, which makes it nearly a certainty, that he IS circumscised, since it was the common practice of hospitals at that time. It seems that Sinclair was the victim of disinfomation; it set him up beautifully.

November 6, 2009 at 11:32 a.m. ( | suggest removal )