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Comments made by johndoesmith

San Diego DA Wants Rewrite Of Medical Marijuana Laws

JWay Wrote:
"Here let me help with that Ms. Dumanis. You take the laws controlling alcohol, cross out the word alcohol every time you see it and replace it with the word marijuana.

There, how long did that take, 30mins max?"

i agree wholeheartedly. i find it hilarious actually. when your watching the news, you never hear "man arrested today for getting stoned and running over 5 people" . you never hear about someone ODing on marijuana and dieing (well, my best friend was a long time marijuana smoker, and he doed of brain cancer at 46 yrs old but the dr couldnt say for sure it was from pot). you know why?...because IT DOESNT HAPPEN. in california, i would personally guesstimate there are more marijuana smokers than drinkers. californias, missing a huge oprotunity to close the gap in the budget if they dont legalize marijuana, im talkin probably a billion+ bucks a year in revenue. personally, i have a perscription, but ive had 3 major back operations, 2 major shoulder operations, operations on both arms ,operation to rebuild one of my eye sockets,ect (i was hit my a car as a pedestrian in 1989 at 65mph), and i take 4 80mg oxycontin a day, and 4 15mg oxycontin IR. there are alot of severely disabled people out there that are plagued daily by major pain. id like to know, what would the DA rather see out on the streets?....someone taking and possessing large amounts of oxycontin, or someone smoking and possessing marijuana? if knowlege serves me correctly, there wasnt a good reason to originally make it illegal anyway. i wonder if someone was to administer a test to everyone on that DAs staff, how many of them would come back positive for marijuana use, among other things.

December 11, 2009 at 5:04 a.m. ( | suggest removal )