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Comments made by johnjames1111

PETA's Anti-SeaWorld Poster To Go Up At Lindbergh Field

"pets are slaves and better off dead" PETA has also stated "Whales are slaves to seaworld" I guess they feel they are better off dead. don't follow blindly research.

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PETA's Anti-SeaWorld Poster To Go Up At Lindbergh Field

Again I and others do not agree, personally observing they have a great space that meets their needs, they are well cared for and to your point you would become a active supporter I totally disagree. If the whales were ever removed from the equation then PETA would target dolphins, then seals, then turtles then fish then finally go into everyone's home and remove cats and dogs. Finally they would kill all those lovely animals.

PETA quote "they are better off dead then in captivity"

They have backed that up by killing 80% of the animals surrendered to them within the first 24 hrs.

I can't support any company that does or acts that way. Animals are in better care under seaworlds watch and rescue programs vs. PETA's kill mentality. Not sure how that is a victory for animal welfare.

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PETA's Anti-SeaWorld Poster To Go Up At Lindbergh Field

executives are involved, as in big business expenses get challenged, 23,000 rescued rehabilitated and released animals, 500 manatees alone. That is a lot of expense for a corporation that is above and beyond just a little token for PR that is more inline with a companies core purpose. The executive I am sure or totally aware and have approved the vast expense for boats, fuel, labor, medicine, food, and facilities. Sounds like a lot more than lip service to me.

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PETA's Anti-SeaWorld Poster To Go Up At Lindbergh Field

I am sorry contradict your statement but I do t know or agree with your argument. The one statement I can agree with is Big Oil polluting our waters but not doing anything to help which combined with the radiation from japan is one reason why the whales are safer in seaworlds hands.

I enjoy that you use the description circus acts, what you see them do at seaworld has been documented also being done it the wild thus it seems more like natural behavior instead of circus tricks.

Blackfish I love the most, orca experts sorry show me one in the film none of them have an real standing currently they quote old science which has been disproven and out of date. To be credible they must stay current. And other experts like the trainers that have come out stating they were mislead and their interviews were manipulated to push a single agenda. Again no documents scientific proof.

Orcas in captivity die much younger has been a popular quote by activists well the most research paper I read compared the age of captive orcas with the ones in the wild Northern Pacific Pods. The wild ones they did not even take into account any calf that died under 6 months of age and the medium life span for orcas was longer in captivity. that also included the one they call granny which is supposedly 103 years old. That is a guess no scientific back up since they only started their documentation 30 yrs ago in the wild.

Next I am sure your going to say well they don't swim thousands of miles a day, your right they swim hundreds and eat plenty of fish. Human use to travel hundreds of miles to get food too but now since stores are on the corners we don't we don't need too now with food available they do not either, in the wild they will stay in a small area until they do not have enough food then move on, again documented scientific proof.

Conclusion from current documented proof they whales in seaworld's hands are well taken care of healthy and live longer than those in captivity.

Oh and BTW if you would do your research properly they are engaging in a public debate with PETA's proclaimed scientific expert.

I also read her document but normally only quoting yourself and readers digest is not really credible evidence.

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PETA's Anti-SeaWorld Poster To Go Up At Lindbergh Field

I'm glad to see they are wasting their time with lawsuits and posters to destroy a company that is clearly committed to animal welfare. They just saved the life of a humpback whale. where was PETA, protesting and looking for donations and publicity by attacking that same company? All this is based off of a movie not real fact. the only documentation in the film was a corner's report which if you take the time to read contradicts the film itself. the only thing the film got right is some one died and that is tragic so are the thousands of soldiers that are being killed and dismembered. Lets get priorities straight and stop attacking people that are actually doing good for animals.

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