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Comments made by jolo

Imperial Valley Update: State Budget Cuts, Sunrise Powerlink, SDSU-IV Campus

candez can you believe this interview?

These guys interviewed a newspaper editor that is new to the Imperial Valley, an editor that spins our local I V press in a way only a very select few insiders can appreciate, in particular the IID articles.

This Jennings was not even around our Valley for the green path, citizens energy fiasco that finally had the light of day shed on it, only to see Citizens Energy crawl back into their selfish exploitative hole that they came from. We locals in the Valley are fully aware of Citizens Energy connection to SDG&E and the failed Citizen's preferred green path route that would have robbed the Imperial Valley of its green energy resources.

This program should of been told by Jennings about the current Grand Jury report that can be found at the bottom of the IID's website, also there is the IID's reply. Now there is an interesting story to follow and interview people about. I wonder what kind of respect Jennings has for the local I V population, their best interests and the Grand Jury. Why don't you call Brad back and interview him about this.

July 10, 2009 at 9:20 p.m. ( | suggest removal )