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Comments made by jonharley1

Why Did City Council Repeal Supercenter Ordinance?

In addition to the comments made by your guests and calls, I offer the following facts and comments about Walmart which were not brought up during your show;

1) W.M. is a very unethical company, following are a few examples;

When they want to build a new store and there are people who own the land they want to build on, they have taken over people's property to build their stores, using local eminent domain laws in various states. As they have now done in SD, referring to environmental impact studies, when they face a legal road block, they simply use their power, money and coersive influence to change the law.

A few years ago, they took Life Ins. policies out for there employees, however THEY (WM) were the beneficiaries, and NOT the poor employee’s family. Can you imagine such a practice….

I have worked with a company that was a major technology supplier to WM and our Sales/Customer Service people reported they strong armed there suppliers (our company), were very rude, demanding and unprofessional. They treated us like they were GOD and we had better not even question anything they demanded or they would take away our business with them.

There have been many stories of how badly they treat their employees, and also pay them minimum wage and provide little,to no benefits, these are not the type of jobs Americans need.

2) They are such a large company that when they "take over" a city/state/country, they put small businesses out of business. One case in point is Mexico, where they have changed the social fabric of the country in a negative way, by building over 1,000 stores and putting thousands of small businesses out of business.

3) Once Walmart takes over all the competition, and they control the retail market, then W.M. will set the price, and who knows if it'll be the lowest price as there won't be any competition to compare against.

4) They have so much money yet give almost nothing (compared to their profits) to charities. In the last few yrs they aired TV ads trying to convince people they were a "giving" company, totally untrue. Target gives 1% of their profits to charity!

Walmart has become (since Sam's death) an EVIL company which I refuse to support. I'll pay more for goods at other stores rather than shop there.

If you would like to verify my facts and learn more about evil WM. I encourage you to look them up on Google.

Please do not shop at Walmart but rather support ethical companies and small businesses!

February 4, 2011 at 10:16 a.m. ( | suggest removal )