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Comments made by jskdn

How Much Of The Immigration Process Can Obama Change By Executive Action?

The Constitution says:

“All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”

“The Congress shall have Power...
To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization”

Not that that means much to the administration, which has used “prosecutorial discretion” to do things far beyond what that should rightly encompass.

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San Diego Immigrant Rights Groups Rally In Support Of Migrant Families

The rights these groups seek is the right of illegal immigrants to stay in the country and receive benefits for being here. Those rights are in inherent conflict with the right of the citizens of this country to choose to limit immigration and have their government effectively enforce the laws necessary for that to be possible.

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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

It's hard to get people out to protest against illegal immigration, unlike its promoters that decry effective enforcement of the law and seek rewards for those who are here in violation of it. I suspect those in government that largely support the agenda of the latter groups don't really like this situation because it makes illegal immigration, and government's complicity in it, too visible, threatening the kind of reaction from citizens that could disrupt their agenda. They prefer to keep illegal immigration largely under most of the publics radar so that the they change the country before the citizens can act against that. I imagine the thinking is, that after the demographics of illegal immigration reaches a certain point, their agenda can't be stopped. The majority of people in the country that wanted immigration limited and legal will be overwhelmed by a population that doesn't, combined with those for who illegal immigration represents a means to ends they seek.

If the citizens of the country could ever get a real understanding of the government's complicity in illegal immigration, and be able hear a open debate about limiting immigration, what that requires, and choose between coherent policy options, something the news media works hard to deny, we might see some real change. But I see no willingness in the news media to allow a reasoned debate.

Jill Replogle was on “Which Way, LA?” on this issue today. You can listen or download that show online at KCRW.

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Roundtable: The U.S. Powers Down, Obamacare Powers Up, Mayor's Race Powers On

"I was doing a check online for a family of four with $50,000 income, you could get healthcare for $4 a month."

I'm flabbergasted that KPBS could disseminate such misinformation. Much has been made by those of the news media of the public's ignorance of the Affordable Care Act. Yet those in that profession contribute to that problem.

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How Will Trayvon Martin Case Impact Race Relations In San Diego?

It's impacted the country badly with very different narratives about the event being a function of race. I have seen little that would seem to lead toward harmonizing those disparate viewpoints. I don't know why it would be different in San Diego.

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Second Opinion: Does Obamacare Cover Acupuncture And Chiropractors?

Does the Low Income Health Program and other such pre-2014 Medicaid-type programs forgo consideration of assets as will be the case come the first of the year?

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With Immigration Reform Pending, Calls For An End To Workplace Audits

The slow-motion audits done by the Obama administration on a tiny fraction of the businesses employing illegal immigrants eventually result in some illegal immigrants losing their jobs. But they remain in the country free to seek other jobs using the fraud-promoting, I-9 employment eligibility verification process.

Millions of illegally employed illegal immigrants could have been removed if only Obama hadn't killed a rule pending when he came into office that made would have made Social Security mismatch employees fix that with the Social Security Administration if their employers wanted to have the “safe harbor” of not “knowingly” employing illegal immigrants, that rarely met requirement for actual prosecution of employers. The rule would have been a cheap but effective method to enforce the law against hiring illegal immigrants, but Obama doesn't want those laws enforced.

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Location Will Make A Difference In Price Of Health Insurance

I downloaded Anthem's last rate increase submission a while ago from California Department of Insurance website and was shocked by range of rates for the same policy depending on the geographic area. There were 7 geographic rate areas and the highest had about 75% higher premiums than the lowest. I'm glad there will be geographic rates and I'm hoping there will be transparency regarding the variations that might lead to needed changes. The differences could be a useful guide for attacking the biggest health care problem: cost. There is considerable evidence that the practice of medicine evolves differently in different places and that there are large differences in spending unrelated to better health outcomes. One possible advantage of the kind of divided health care system we have is that better-performing outliers could point the way to improved practices. Of course there was no reason why the public shouldn't have known about the currently existing geographic variations and their potential for improving the system, other than the state of journalism.

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Lobbying Dollars Fly In Immigration Reform Debate

The overwhelming amount of money spent in reported lobbying is coming from those who want amnesty, increased and easier immigration, and the ability to bring in foreign labor. Yet this reporter chose to only mention the money spent lobby that was reported by Numbers USA. That points to the country's most significant advocacy force on the issue, though one not listed at Open Secrets, the news media. The efforts of those at public radio, public television, as well as almost all media outlets, to push the immigration agenda of the elites is massive and ubiquitous. These news outlets have chosen to deny the country the opportunity to hear an actual debate, to the degree they can get away with it. Take notice of how many times there is little or no representation of those wanting immigration limited and legal in media coverage of the issue. They know their agenda is at risk were the citizens of the country able to hear such a debate.

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Visa Overstays Present Challenge For Immigration Reform

We could require the bonding of foreign visitors, either by private bonding firms or by the visitor's government. That would help pay for the expense of enforcement against visa violators as well as create social pressure in the sending countries against visa violations, as their prevalence would raise costs for other people in those countries.

But the more fundamental problem really is that we have a government that represents the widespread belief among the elites that our immigration laws don't really matter, and that those who violate them ought to be rewarded for doing so. That is what is being pushed by these elites right now under what they call “reform,” a term that by definition is a function of what people believe is wrong and what will make it better. Violate the law by ignoring the terms of your visa and these elites seek to reward you with permanent legal residence and citizenship. And that's after the sufficient-in-itself rewards of non-enforcement in the interior and easy access to employment and other kinds of benefits available to those illegally in the country. It's like saying we “really” (wink, wink) don't want you to violate your visa (or other immigration laws) but if you choose to do so, we will work hard to reward you for that.

And Edward Alden is part of the elite who are the real problem, as is true with Diane Feinstein. Go see the CFR's “Independent Task Force Report No. 63” where Alden was project director and Jeb Bush, whose been all over the news media with his new book promoting amnesty, was a chair. Outside of task force member Robert C. Bonner's solo and sensible call for ending citizenship birth, the report was just another of the endless promotions for the elite's immigration agenda.

Diane Feinstein used to support the rule of law regarding illegal immigration until she went into back rooms with its promoters in the ag industry and reversed her position.

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