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Comments made by jskdn

E-Verify Lessons From Arizona

This Berkeley Journalism School graduate choose to use as experts someone from the Cato Institute and a lawyer that represents employers. I doubt she would have selected a right wing foundation and lawyer defending business for most topics but since she undoubted shares in their illegal immigration agenda, they served her purpose, which isn't journalism.

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The Quest For A Secure Border

Illegal drugs and illegal immigrants are different problems. Illegal drugs are inherently outside the law and hidden. The government doesn't have to facilitate their use, as it facilitates life for illegal immigrants, for there to exist a demand that assures a supply. Illegal drugs will always be a battle and the success against them at the border is also detracted by resources taken up by combating illegal immigrants trying to get in, sometimes actually being used as sacrificial distractions to facilitate drug smuggling.

Border enforcement for illegal immigrants is largely just political theater. You shouldn't believe any politician that talks like illegal immigration can be controlled by what is done at the border. That will never work when what illegal immigrants can expect once in the country bears no coherent relationship to the notion that they shouldn't be here. Currently, those who are in the country in violation of our immigration laws need have little fear of being removed, have easy access to employment and other benefits of being in the country and could reasonable expect to receive the opportunity to permanently stay, eventually becoming citizens. If you don't want illegal immigration then you shouldn't listen to any politician that doesn't say explicitly how they will change that, without which, there is no reason not to expect illegal immigration to continue. And if the uselessness of the border-only enforcement game wasn't obvious enough, it is estimated that 40% of the illegal immigrants didn't enter the country illegally.

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Mickelson To Discuss 'Drastic Changes' Over Taxes

A professional golfer is a pretty ideal occupation for choosing a favorable tax domicile. For many high earners, that isn't as true. Avoiding paying any state income taxes as opposed to the 13.3% in California would be worth about $6 million on Mickelson's reported gross from last year. More for Tiger, whose already done it.

I believe that the Medicare tax just went up .9% for some and is now 3.8% and I think that would to most of Mickelson's income. But that with 39.6% federal and 13.3% state still only adds up to a highest combined marginal rate of 56.7%. So getting above that must include non-income taxes.

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San Diegans Rally For Immigration Reform

How about "journalists" start calling it legislation instead of 'reform'? Assigning some legislation the name "reform" implies some conclusion about what's wrong and what would make it better, which is the definition of the word. I could craft comprehensive legislation that didn't reward illegal immigration, brought it under control and didn't give business access to a never-ending cheap pool of labor to undermine the economic prospects of so many working people in this country. (That assumes we could begin to have a government that was willing to enforce the law.) There are plenty of people in this country that would consider that "reform", even if none of them are in the news media. What the news media wants to call "reform" is, first and foremost, massively rewarding illegal immigration, Those wanting that have to, out of political necessity, promise that they will begin to act differently than they have persistently acted over the last quarter century. But letting the people responsible for mass illegal immigration write legislation should be seen a crazy, unless you like what has happened. Then you are likely to get more of the same.

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Arizona's Role In The Gang Of Eight

Really 123-

The car theft comparison was to illustrate the idea of separating the removal of a punishment for having violated the law from the ability to keep ill-gotten gains from the violations. So ignore car theft and just think about that when thinking about illegal immigrants, which are neither all Mexican nor are all Mexicans illegal immigrants. Illegal isn't racial, ethnic nor a nationality.

I'm well aware of our history, which doesn't change that we are sovereign nation separate from the sovereign nation of Mexico. We have a right to choose the immigration policies we want and not have people from other countries decide that as they please.

What's reasonable begs the question. We won't need to deport all illegal immigrants as long as we deport as part of a coherent enforcement agenda that makes it abundantly clear that being here illegally isn't acceptable. That's pretty much the opposite of the message some, including the President, want to send. And that can't happen with a snap of finger but rather will be something that is established over time through acting in a matter consistent with that message until the doubts about it fade away.

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Arizona's Role In The Gang Of Eight

It's not amnesty, it's amnesty plus, where people are rewarded for their violations of our immigration laws, which are the defining criteria for obtaining those rewards. The word amnesty has its root meaning in “forgetting.” But it's not forgetting the violations of the law when they become the reason for permanently awarding the ill-gotten gains that were the reason for those violations. It's like someone who stole a pricy car wasn't just not prosecuted but was also allowed keep it at a steep discount. If you question whether the proposed “pathways” are a reward, ask yourself what the same deal would go for on the world market to people who have never violated a law in this country? It's been reported that people from China have been paying $50,000 to get here illegally. Permanent legal status with eventual citizenship has to be worth much more. But those in other countries that have not broken our laws won't be eligible.

I also find it remarkable that the voters of Arizona sent two open-border Senators to the nations capital where they will undo all the efforts done in their state to control illegal immigration. I understand the they both converted to border hawks for their campaigns, the border being the preferred locus misdirection political theater for politicians who don't really want to control illegal immigration. And, of course, McCain and Flake had huge amount of help that comes by way of the propaganda of open-borders media. Yet I still have to wonder what Arizona voters thought would happen when these two voted on immigration legislation.

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California Officials Say Hands Are Tied Over Health Insurance Rate Hikes

RegularChristian- I should add that I also face a 24% increase in my premiums from Anthem coming in next month. I want to know if that is justified by the actuarial analysis and wish that our insurance commissioner would provide that soon. The Dept. of Insurance website has my 24.6% increase and another Anthem increase of 26% as still under review. You can go here to see the filing and comment on them:

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California Officials Say Hands Are Tied Over Health Insurance Rate Hikes

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is actively lobbying for passage of the insurance regulation initiative that would give him greater powers. He appears to be making a media tour to push that effort. It's a shame we seem to lack a news media that possesses a fundamental characteristic of quality journalism: skepticism.

Commissioner Jones department can review rate increases and apparently did so here. But Anthem is disputing his calculations. How about submitting the rate increase calculations to an outside, independent actuary to see who is correct?

The Affordable Care Act also restricts premiums by using medical loss ratios. I assume these rate increase will be subject to those limitations. It would be nice if reporters would ask some experts about the criteria for regulating rates that have been proposed by the legislature and those in the upcoming initiative.

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Deportations Are Up, But Is Anyone Applauding?

That's typical of the type of attack on the source of any information that might disagree with the pro-illegal immigration agenda. It's a quote from Obama. Unless it's out of context, we should take it at face value, which has the president essentially agreeing with the Republican cited in the article critics about what the administration is doing in order to assuage those who believe that enforcing immigration law is bad: Hispanic Journalists.

But on the assumption that people would believe that the statistic was real:

“Republicans don’t want to mention it because it makes Obama look good on immigration enforcement . . . "

Because enforcing immigration law is good to Republicans, or at least those who might vote for them based upon the belief that they will enforce the law, which is questionable.

The greedy, pro-illegal immigration for profit Republicans need to have their money taken away through massive taxation for promoting the demographics of illegal immigration that will result in future Republicans having their money taken away.

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Deportations Are Up, But Is Anyone Applauding?

“The statistics are actually a little deceptive because what we’ve been doing is, with the stronger border enforcement, we’ve been apprehending folks at the borders and sending them back. That is counted as a deportation, even though they may have only been held for a day or 48 hours, sent back — that’s counted as a deportation,”

That was said by Obama to Hispanic Journalists.

But on the assumption that the statistic was real:

"Democrats don’t want to mention it because it makes Obama look bad on immigration enforcement.”

Because enforcing immigration law is bad to Democrats.

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