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Comments made by judyr123

Local Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

Every San Diegan should ask themselves a question that Mr. Lurie brought up in his part of the discussion: How would you react if Al Qaeda had taken up residence in Tijuana and was shooting deadly rockets into your neighborhood, killing your friends and relatives, traumatizing your children on a daily basis? Israel unilaterally gave Gaza to the Palestinians, complete with a robust economy and millions of dollars worth of infrastructure. It was all destroyed in a matter of hours by the Palestinians themselves, and all Israel got for it was unrelenting rocket attacks that continue to this day. The simple truth is that all of the security measures that have been taken to create what Mr. Barghouti so glibly calls a "concentration camp" in Gaza exist because of the actions of the Palestinians who live there. If they had taken the hand outstretched in peace that was offered with the unilateral withdrawal, they would be living side by side with Israel right now with open borders and a booming economy. But it's much easier to sell the world on a story of victimhood than it is to take responsibility for squandering an opportunity, and the Palestinian propaganda machine knows full well how to take advantage of this. Mr. Barghouti does a great job of selling his points. It's too bad that so much of what he says is a bunch of lies and half truths.

September 20, 2010 at 4:47 p.m. ( | suggest removal )