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Comments made by juliecorrales

Glamorizing Mexico's Drug War For U.S. Profits?

so sad... and my biggest peeve of this entire article, suprisingly to some, is that he says he is also Mexican. You are American. And until we Chicanos own that - we will continue to sit on the sidelines as legislature aimed at disenfranchising us is proposed and passed... we'll wake up one day, outlaws in our own country and our citizenship stripped, and finally we'll realize - we are NOT Mexican. Wake up, Chicanos! THIS is our country, this is our home! Register to vote, make your voice heard. Stop complaining about how the white man's laws, and mobilize to change them...

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Wall Street Protesters Show Staying Power


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Governor Brown Signs Bills Meant To Help Immigrants And Economy

hmmmm... how can you say it is rubbish? how many undocumented immigrants do you associate with on a daily basis? Because i associate with many... and it is not rubbish. They continually send money south to their families. Why do you think Western Union and so many independent check cashing places offer wire services in Hispanic communities? Why do you think Walmart has started offering the service along with check cashing, advertising promotions for transfers to Mexico?
i do agree that Mexico needs to make improvements to the living situation of its people... unfortunately its long been deemed that the Mexican government is corrupt - they do not distribute the wealth obtained from its resources amongst its people (US does and although many people want to say its "socialism" - welfare systems, SSI, amongst other federal programs are what keep us from becoming a country like Mexico). I have a belief - and i've never expressed alound or in print until now - that the reform of Mexico is going to have to be influenced by us U.S. citizens with strong ties to the country... We will need to pressure that government... Until then, we do have a responsibility to our neighbor country... but MORE than that - whether ppl want to admit it or not - we are dependent on cheap labor. Undocumented immigrants have filled that need since the abolition of slavery... they are HAPPY to do it for a chance to create a better life for themselves and possibly give their children a chance at the American Dream... sadly, not only are they unappreciated, they are scapegoated and mistreated.

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