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Comments made by justthetruth

Former Filner Supporters Provide Details Of Sexual Harassment Allegations, But Not Identities Of Women

This really has no bearing on whether or not Filner is a R or a D. anyone in that position that cannot understand how wrong his behavior is, is living in a dream world. The fact that all his accusers and the Dem leadership are also Dems takes me back to the heart of the issue. If they wanted to save his butt, they would have kept quiet. This is probably worse than we know now with most of the dirty laundry coming out later. There is no way that he can manage the city while he says he is trying to improve. He has hired some admin types to run the city. That is what we elected him to do. the salaries for his helpers are unlikely to be in the budget and once again, the taxpayers get stuck with the bill. he does not deserve another chance. At his age and responsibility over the years nothing is going to change with him. for the good of the city, he needs to step down. just like the republicans could not figure out why they could not beat Obama when he looked like he was vulnerable, the dems should have seen how bad Filner was as a candidate and in a year when they probably could have taken over the mayor's job for a few years, they have now blown that chance. it was clear from the start that Filner was a loose cannon with the outcome being inevitable.

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Former Filner Supporters Provide Details Of Sexual Harassment Allegations, But Not Identities Of Women

this is to nikkineel and others that think alike. Please explain why almost all of the people that are asking Filner to resign are Dems and also people that worked hard to get him elected. to not believe them is to say that they are all lying and that all the workers and staff members that have complained are lying by completely concocting a story to get him out of office. Since that scenario does not make any sense then their stories must be true.

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Goldsmith Doesn't Want Office Lawyers To Go To Mayor Filner's Office Alone

Why do most libs who don't agree with any conservative feel the need to insult the conservative instead of just discussing the issue. My past experience tell me that people like that understand that their argument can't make it in the light of day so it is easier to insult and demean. To throw anything from as little to a piece of paper at someone you disagree with is unacceptable, childish and to comment about someones hair piece has no place here and has no bearing on the issue. actions like this in the private sector will get you fired.

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