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Comments made by jv333

Rants and Raves: The Best and Worst of 2010

PS ... i'm still dazed that "Hurt Locker" won for Best Pic last year. what am i missing? the one thing we don't know too much about the "inside h-wood politics" ... and it typically seems that when it comes down to a more ground-breaking film vs. a traditional film, the Academy tends to vote conservatively ...

i still think "Network" got ripped off by "Rocky" in 1976 ... same for "Brokeback Mountain" losing to "Crash" ... the Academy always errs on the side of caution, it seems...or is that just my take?

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Rants and Raves: The Best and Worst of 2010

Beth ... i found this interesting resource re: the awards....somewhat of compilation of the various orgs that rate films...does this make "The Social Network" the prohibitive fave to win for Best Pic and Best Dir?


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Film Club of the Air: Best and Worst of 2010

I can appreciate "Citizen Kane", "Man on Wire", "Inside Job", ... and I can laugh at a "Kick Ass" and "The Hangover" ... there's no one that likes everything on a menu. Sorry about your unfortunate experience with "Little Fockers".... I heard enough feedback to pass. I usu. check out the ratings on Yahoo Movies and Rotten Tomatoes reviews before I plunk down dinero for tickets. Again, instead of taking an ego-centric approach, u might want to describe what to expect ...whether it's a mindless comedy...or a head-scratcher...whether it breaks new ground...mindless violence....then let the listener decide. There are too many other resources available to consumers these days...if we find an opinion that is out of whack....then that opinion loses credibility.

as for a parrot, not at all. i looked at the list of the year's top grossing films and liked very few of them. (aside from the many films for maybe alert parents as to which films may or may not be appropriate viewing? ...which means you'll have to sit thru some more films u don't like) i thought 'shutter island' and 'inception' were over-rated. i though 'avatar' was a lot of hype...and i can't figure out how 'the hurt locker' won for best picture since it was devoid of a plot. so i guess there's a lot we don't know.

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Film Club of the Air: Best and Worst of 2010

SM: How can u say "Kick Ass" tanked? It cost $30MM to make and grossed $96MM worldwide. I'd say by H-wood standards, that is quite the success. 6,302 Yahoo Movies Users gave it an average grade of A - ... I personally experienced it with a theater-full of laughing people. And you are going to state on the air that it was not entertaining? And even if it broke even or lost money, obviously a lot of people found it entertaining. But that's OK...the day Duncan Shepherd panned "The Wizard of Oz" in 1981 was the last time I read his reviews.

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Film Club of the Air: Best and Worst of 2010

Scott....yes... re: your film reviews, it would be fair to say that a film wasn't great in your eyes; but u could see where a general audience might think more highly of for a critic...sure we like a subjective opinion...but when we consumers hear you pan films that we liked a lot, such as "Kick Ass"...guess what...u get tuned out over time. I've found too many of your comments too cynical and pick up on irrelevant aspects .... too much knee-jerk and not enough thoughtfulness....your delivery is rushed and frenetic...not in keeping with what I like to hear on KPBS.... most people don't like to hear arguing over the air... we can certainly tolerate differences of opinion; but with more of thoughtfulness, reason and articulation...sometimes it seems like u r trying to state an opposite opinion for the sake of being opposite. i'll be passing on these segments in the future. u drive safely also.

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Film Club of the Air: Best and Worst of 2010

I have to take issue with Scott re: "Kick Ass" ... we went with a large group to the UltraStar at Hazard Ctr and we, and the whole theater, laughed our asses off. If Scott didn't find that film entertaining, then I suggest you see it with a general audience as opposed to a press screening. Plus, you folks have seen so many films that you may have developed a bit of jaundice over time.

I do think there was a bumper crop of great nonfiction work...I hope "Inside Job" has the inside track only b/c it deals with the most important topic facing us all...the health of our economy and financial system. It opened a lot of eyes and let's hope it leads to remedial action...but i'm not holding my breath. I thought "The Tillman Story" was compelling. "Casino Jack and the United States of Money" and "Client 9" re: Spitzer were both excellent. I've heard great things about "Restrepo" and plan to see it. That little gal who played opposite Jeff Bridges in "True Grit" stole the movie.

As for "True Grit" at the UltraStar @ Hazard Ctr, which is where I saw it....yes, the color had a dull tone to it...but i think that's just the Coen brothers going for a certain muted look. I see most movies at that theater and think it's a great venue. Plenty of free don't have to fight mall crowds or walk a mile from the parking lot. And it's a more intimate setting than a 18 or 20 screen venue. So I think the complaint by Scott about "True Grit" n this regard was also unwarranted.

I think most listeners would appreciate an objective comment and subjective comment re:, a better comment by Scott re: "Kick Ass" might have been"this film wasn't my particular cup of tea; but I can see where a general audience might like it."

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Rants and Raves: The Best and Worst of 2010

beth...heard the 'film club' show this morning with you, Mark and Anders. Mark is a such a downer. How could he say the "Kick Ass" was not entertaining....our whole row laughed our asses off. Mark needs to lighten up....or at least be more aware of what a general audience might like compared to his narrow taste.

i thought it was a great year for nonfiction films....i'd give the slight edge to "inside job"...but enjoyed "exit thru the gift shop"....also liked 'the tillman story', 'client 9', and 'casino jack and the united states of money'.

i think 'true grit' and 'the social network' will score some awards...perhaps in the acting slots. only b/c zuckeberg has rec'd such large press in 2010 and h-wood wants to hip as far as what the youth market is into. i think the young gal who played opposite jeff bridges should win something...she was terrific. bridges won last hard to repeat.

happy cine-viewing in 2011!

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How Does Divide Between Labor And Business Impact Local Politics?

i take issue with the kittle comment that public employees unions were the largest contributors to campaigns in the midterms. how about the billionaire koch brothers and the tea party? and the recent Citizens United decision by the US Supreme Ct? the Koch brothers and their billionaire friends are throwing millions around like candy to influence voters and elections. Citizens United shields a lot of other corporate money.

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Film Feature: Politics on Film

Endorsing "Bob Roberts" .... I saw this 1992 film only recently and this terrific work written, directed and starring Tim Robbins was brilliantly prophetic about our last ten years of political history. On top of this, the music is excellent...also written by Robbins and his brother. Not to mention, the movie has a good mix of laughs and deadly serious moments. Cleverly done and highly recommended.

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The Story Of Bill Lerach's Fighting For Consumers

Mr Peter GK... my God, the man admitted wrongdoing. He served his time and had his license to practice taken away.

Let's look at some of the wrongdoing that the American public has suffered as a result of corporate greed. Enron, for example. You had upward of 20,000 jobs destroyed due to people like Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling. Look at how the Wall St cabal led to a $1.7 Trillion collapse in the housing market and they carved up $53 Billion in bonus money .... some of which came from TARP money provied by taxpayers.

You want chutzpah? There you have it. Let's get some oversight and regulations back re: our financial system. And let me know when you find that missing $8.8 Billion in cash that went missing in Iraq under the aegis of the Coalition Provisional Authorty (acronym: CPA? are they kidding? not a very good accounting job)

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