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The Bible And Homosexuality

the fastest growing minority in the US is the "Nonaffiliated re: religious group" ... those who do not affiliate with any religion ... 16% and rising

still when things go awry (financial markets attack on our soil...major tragedy), the religious crowd are the first to stir up the fear and hate ... the doom and gloomers ... and how they struggle to weave their beliefs into politics and social policy ...

we still have to have faith ... faith in the large group of Americans with common sense

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The Bible And Homosexuality

for an even more daunting look at how religion and suppression can lead to weird cultural anomalies and sexual exploitation ... check out the PBS FRONTLINE report that will air this month... "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan"

Many hundreds of boys, often as young as ten, are being lured off the streets on the promise of a new life, many unaware that their real fate is to be used for entertainment and sex. They’re the “Bacha Bereesh,” literally “beardless boys,” chosen for their height, size and beauty, trained to sing and dance for male audiences, and then traded for sexual favors among former warlords and powerful businessmen.

There have been allegations of similar exploitations among the wealthy and powerful here ... cf.

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The Bible And Homosexuality

I honestly think a large part of the problem re: religion and bigoty goes back to the 4th century...was it under the Holy Roman Emperor Constantine?

sex became dirty ... women were subjugated ... the Roman Catholic Church put in the celibacy rules for priests so they could leave their money to the Church upon dying and not their sons or families...

so all that pent-up sexual tension had to go somewhere...which led to the centuries of closeted perversion, lying and hypocrisy....

women should be allowed to be priests....priests should be allowed to marry...

the church and state should keep their noses out of people's bedrooms ...

he and she who are without sin should cast the first stone ... love thy neighbot as thyself...let's clean up our own backyards...

pretty simple stuff ... amen.

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