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Comments made by jwillie6

Fluoridation Is A Racist Policy?

There are many large scientific studies to show that that drinking fluoridated water has no posistive effect on cavity reduction and to show that it causes cancer, thyroid damage, broken hips, lowered IQ and other health problems. The best source for scientific information on fluoridation can be found here: (

If fluoride were "proven," there should be evidence of its success in Kentucky, which has been 100% fluoridated for over 40 years. Kentucky, however, leads the nation in the number of dental cavities in children, and in the number of completely toothless adults, according to government records. The same ineffectiveness is evident in many states and cities.

Most of Europe (16 countries) has considered and has rejected fluoridation and is 98% fluoride free. The WHO (United Nations) reports that they have a better tooth decay rate than any fluoridated country.

If you want fluoride in your water, put it in your own glass of water; leave the rest of us out of it.

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City Of San Diego Passes Water Rate Increase

While referring to a waste of tax money, consider the following.
Fluoridation is insanely inefficient with 99.5% of fluoridated water going down the drain in toilets, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. thereby wasting 99.5% of the chemical cost. People only drink 0.5% of the water they use, and less than half of this 0.5% would be drunk by young children, the supposed target of this chemical.

For example, for every $1000 of fluoride chemical added to water, $995 would be directly wasted down the drain, $5 would be consumed in water by the people, and less than $2.50 would be consumed by children. Can you think of a more wasteful government program?

A plan to give away fluoride tablets free to whoever wants them would be much, much cheaper. Then the rest of us would not be drugged against our will.

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City Of San Diego Passes Water Rate Increase

It is most unfortunate that rates are being increased to add fluoride to drinking water considering that it is ineffective for teeth and dangerous to health.
When the fertilitzer companies, and others, clean their smokestacks, they bag the waste fluoride chemical, ( Hydrofluorosilicic Acid), which contains lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. and sell it to communities to add to our water systems. The Government tries to convince us that it does not harm us if it is diluted enough. It is a hoax on the public. Follow the money!
Those promoting fluoridation simply refuse to read the current research showing it is ineffective and dangerous to health. Go to ( and read several scientific articles.
Read the letter from Dr. Hardy Limeback ( DDS, PhD Biochemistry) --- Head, Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto entitled "Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water"
He was the principal research advisor to the Canadian Dental Asociation for over 10 years in promoting fluoridation. His letter is an apology to other dentists and the public.
Dr. Limeback includes over 140 Research studies, including:
Increased risk of bone cancer -- 13 studies
Lead, arsenic, radium contaminants causing toxic water -- 10 studies
Link with fluoride and other cancer -- 12
Fluoride causes birth defects -- 5
Fluoride affects the immune systems -- 12
Fluoride is neurotoxic (brain, nerves, lowering IQ) -- 11
Also see the petition signed by over 2600 professionals opposing fluoridation.

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