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Comments made by kael900

Roundtable: Bank Transfer Day, SDUSD And Navy Pier

Credit unions have more ATMs and more branches!

The host and guests of today's show left the listeners with several misconceptions about credit unions

- Myth: Credit Unions have fewer branches and ATMs than banks. Fact: my credit union has MORE California ATMs than Bank of America, and over 28,000 ATMs nationwide!

- Myth: Credit unions only have a few branches. Fact: my credit union has over 20 local branches, and a network of over 60 cooperative shared branches in San Diego and Riverside counties, and hundreds of shared branches nationwide!

- Myth: Credit union credit cards are inferior to bank credit cards. Fact: Credit union Visa and Master Card credit cards and debit cards are no different than banks, except: NO fees for debit cards and LOWER interest rates on credit cards"

- Myth: Credit unions only have a few services. Fact: My credit union has all the same products and services that my ex-bank had, except: LOWER loan interest rates, HIGHER savings and CD rates, LOW or NO fees, and a SMILE whenever I go to the branch... Which is rarely because their online and mobile banking ROCK!

November 4, 2011 at 1:51 p.m. ( | suggest removal )