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Comments made by kaibabbob

Pension Costs Decreasing For Some Cities In San Diego County

The primary reason the City of San Diego originally adopted defined pension plans for their workforce was that their contribution to that system was less than the mandatory federal contribution to the Social Security System and the City wanted to save money. If you, as a government employer, have a Defined Pension Plan, you are allowed to opt out of the SSI system and neither you as a City, nor your employees have to contribute to SSI. If the pension reform initiative is passed, San Diego City and their employees will again have to begin contributing to SSI at a 50:50 ratio, up to the federally required annual limits. Every employee dollar contributed to SSI will have to be matched by San Diego City and if I’m not mistaken, this is still more than their current contribution. An immediate cost increase will be incurred by San Diego City if the initiative passes and the supporters of the initiative will never mention that fact. It would be informative to ask that question next time you have initiative supporters on the air.

The primary reason the SDPD is not included in the proposed pension reform initiative is past experience showing that when SDPD benefits were not competitive with other police departments, a revolving door of recruits were hired on, were trained by the SDPD for their first year, they then left the SDPD, laterally transferring to other, better benefit providing departments. San Diego City became the Police Training Academy for Southern California. The same thing will occur with the San Diego Fire Department without a defined pension plan. Depending on the recruit classes’ EMT/Paramedic qualification level, it costs $45-60 thousand dollars per recruit to complete the first year of SDFD Firefighter training, a recurring cost the citizens of San Diego will have to bear as firefighters rotate through the training cycle. Just another point never mentioned by the initiative supporters.

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