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Comments made by katinpsych

Will "High-Quality Customer Service" For San Diego Principals Mean High-Quality Schools?

The background question is- where did all the previous principals for these schools end up? Were they all promoted? Pushed into admin positions? In which case, how did it affect the salary budget? And-- more importantly, HOW did the selection process for the new principals occur? For example, the decision to change principals at our school happened very last-minute, and a review of this new principal's record reveals that she has very little experience AND was a friend/colleague of Cindy Marten's. Studies show that there is typically a dip in student test scores when a new principal comes on board. I'm even more concerned that these new principals were hastily chosen and may not be well-qualified for their new positions. In our case, unfortunately, the new principal had spelling errors (!) on her "Meet the New Principal" presentation, as well as errors in her knowledge when she tried to explain the API scores graphs. That doesn't lend to confidence-building among the parents/students and makes me concerned that our new principal doesn't have the knowledge, detail-orientedness, and skills required to adequately lead our school.

October 4, 2013 at 3:46 p.m. ( | suggest removal )