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Comments made by katje

Are Tea Partiers Hate Groups?

Lyka: The answer is simple: most of the media is corporate-owned, and also is more swayed by the conservative echo chamber on talk radio. The moment someone cries "liberal media," they all flinch and bow down. Sad, but true.

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Who's Raising Money For Tea Party Movement?

Amen, randolphslinky! I posted a similar comment on another KPBS forum.
Your comment was beautifully articulated.

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Are Tea Partiers Hate Groups?

I listened carefully and with an open mind to the so-called Tea Party movement members today; very good show.
While I understand their frustration about certain government expansion and the current party in power, I found Ms. Linnell, especially, to be a lackluster and inarticulate spokesperson for the local movement.
Two examples: She was asked, point-blank, about the racist and vile comments made about President Obama. Instead of strongly condemning those extremists who spread such hate (and tar her movement) she -- and I'm paraphrasing here somewhat -- made some weak comments about telling people to be civil on a blog. Oh, wow -- I'm sure the racists really got the message on that one.
Also, when asked what her feelings were about the obscene amount of spending -- much of it wasteful and unnecessary -- that took place under George W. Bush and a majority GOP Congress from 2001-07, her answer was, "I was aware of it." No other comment after that. No condemnations, no nothing.
So, what that basically says to me is that she condoned such a spending orgy -- under Republicans.
It's exactly this kind of non-admission from "Tea Partiers" about the role the party MOST of them supported for eight years that infuriates me and many others.
No matter how they try to deny their past support for Bush & Co., the current Tea Party movement's basic message is this: "We're against defecits when Democrats are in office, but have no problem -- or very little -- when the GOP blow billions on pre-emptive war, corporate welfare and interferring in the most personal aspects of Americans' lives."
And until the day comes when they FULLY condemn the actions of both Bush and the Republican party for its own malfeasance and hypocrisy, I will never, ever have any use for this new "limited government" movement.
And I'll be shocked to see them out protesting if and when the GOP takes over again, and does all the things the Tea Party movement supposedly opposes.

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What Changes Have Been Made Since Obama's Election?

I was greatly amused by the one woman who called up during this segment and identified herself as "progressive Democrat" and then proceeded to rip into President Obama. She praised Hillary Clinton (who I actually admire) as gutsy.
Well, caller, I hate to break this to you, but had Mrs. Clinton been the nominee last year, we'd all be talking about President John McCain now. Would you prefer that?
There is no way in Hades should could have won.And then, you have the nerve to hold up President Lyndon Johnson as role model? Hello? This is the man who, despite his good works in other areas, mired us in Vietnam for a decade -- paving the way for Richard Nixon. That worked out really well, didn't it?
News flash, ma'am: The 60s are over. The Great Society is over. The New Deal is over. This is 2009, and more than a few of us who supported Obama do not want repeats of those eras. Deal with it.
And one more thing, "progressive" caller: Anyone who would quote a morally bankrupt war criminal like Dick Cheney is NO progressive.

November 4, 2009 at 11:09 a.m. ( | suggest removal )