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Comments made by kcm5605

Second Opinion: Does Obamacare Cover Acupuncture And Chiropractors?

Thank you for posting this Q&A. However, this article needs one correction. The woman in the story will be eligible for Medi-Cal in January 2014 when California expands Medi-Cal eligiblity, but today, she would be eligible for the Low Income Health Program (LIHP) through the County of San Diego. She should apply for this program at a County office, or ask her clinic to help her apply. She will automatically be transferred to Medi-Cal in January 2014 if she qualifies for LIHP today.

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Debating Impact Of Health Care Reform Law

Asual, the Republican spokesperson, Ron Nehring, had a litany of reasons why health reform is bad, but with no factual back-up for anything. If the market was the answer to our health care problems, we would not have over 500,000 uninsured San Diegans, we would not have 50% of all bankruptcies resulting from medical debt, we would not have 45,000 people dying unnecessarily each year. Under the Affordable Care Act, in 2014, we could see a reduction in the number of uninsured by over 80%. Hospitals, doctors and clinics will be able to take care of these people and actually get paid for their services. As Greg Knoll said, this is the most important social legislation we have seen since the Civil Rights Act and it brings us more in line with the rest of the industrialized world. Let's keep moving forward.

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Opponents Work To Block Health Bill At State Level

This is an organized effort to stop health reform. See, a conservative, well-funded organization whose membership includes many, if not most, of the conservative elected officials across the country. The original suggested language for the bills being introduced in over 37 states, including California, can be found on their website.

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