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Comments made by keith_shannon

Hagel Eliminates So-Called 'Drone Medal'

I'm actually quite glad to hear this... I'm a former Marine and two time Iraq veteran. I disagree with both wars now, but disagree even more with the drone warfare that is going on. Even though I disagree with both wars I found it to be in horrendous taste that they even CONSIDERED making the drone warfare medal a higher honor than the bronze star & purple heart. Some little PFC or officer straight out of college gets to go home every night after their day job in the war pushing buttons to kill somebody a world away with literally ZERO risk to their life, zero worrying for their safety by their families, or without even having to face a single hardship of combat get a medal that supposedly out ranks someone who was injured in combat or risked their life or even lost their life protecting someone else??

Give me a break. It shouldn't even be a medal anyways in my opinion. We already have the Global War on Terrorism Service medal for those helping the war without leaving the US. Give them that and let them be happy with that.

April 15, 2013 at 1:09 p.m. ( | suggest removal )