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Comments made by kellyroad

Caltrans Holds First Public Meeting On I-5 Expansion

The First Crop of Boomers are turning 65 ...Next Year...Some will be retiring ...some will keep working...some will be moving to some unknown place in the sky...The Lucky Ones will be living a very long time...As a Member of The Boomer Crop...
1. I ask you ..Howlong wll I be able to drive? Not Sure...hope a longtime
2. Do I want the ability to get somewhere without depending on another Driver? Yes
3. If I have no choice would I drive my car...even if people think my driving is unsafe? I think I would

Trying to put myself in the 30year olds hoes...
1. Do I Want the Freeway Cloged with a bunch of 95Year old Boomers? No Way
2. What about the Future? Can you just imagine what it will be like in 30yrs with a freeway with plenty of room ...and a pack of Boomers driving at 95 Years .They might to have Boomer Patrols ...
3. As a 30 year old ...I would like the boomers self suffient and would not want them on the highway with me!

August 5, 2010 at 9:35 a.m. ( | suggest removal )