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Lobbying Dollars Fly In Immigration Reform Debate

Re: PS: NUMBERS USA is a discredited neo-Malthusian Nativist group that claims to be "independent" but is in reality far from the truth.

It claims to be bi-partisan. It's not a group that is discredited by me. It may be far from the truth, but they are closer to it than any other immigration group.

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Lobbying Dollars Fly In Immigration Reform Debate

"" Employers hire foreign nationals or unemployed Americans."

It used to be that a foreign worker could only be hired if a qualified American could not be found. That was abolished by the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act passed October 2000. Today American workers compete head-to-head with foreign workers - in their own country mind you. Thanks Ted kennedy. Thanks Dianne Feinstein.

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San Diego Leaders Tackle Immigration Reform

Brittanicus - I am in total agreement.
We need an immigration policy in the interests of Americans, not foreign special interest groups.

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Lobbying Dollars Fly In Immigration Reform Debate

On the side of increasing immigration we find all the corporate money from tech and agribusiness. And on the side of less immigration, is little non-profit NumbersUSA. Guess who represents more closely, the will of the American people?

Go, NumbersUSA!,

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