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Comments made by ketchme

San Diego To Add 117 Charging Stations For Electric Cars

As an owner of 2 Plug-In cars I can tell you that infrastructure owners/planners are continuing to miss the boat. You see, 240v can easily be done at home for the most part - and while a plug-in sits at home - you have time to waste/charge. BUT -Unless the utility company (who continue to argue, "oh, we can't do that because the PUC has to say it's ok) makes Chademo type quick charging "ok" ... then plug-in's are pretty much hosed. Plug in's that can't charge in 30 minutes or less (rather than 3 - 6 HOURS) are essentially limited to being driven around as glorified golf carts, because most have only 100 miles of range at best. As it stands, the utility will SOAK any one - to the tune of 5 figures per month utility charges, if they hook up a high speed charger. Hey, thanks for that, PUC/utility companies ... you're killing the baby in the crib, so to speak, by making quick charging unaffordable.

October 4, 2012 at 7:36 a.m. ( | suggest removal )