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Comments made by kiwi

Clemency Urged For Woman Who Killed Pimp

To all who hear's this story is very heart breaking, Me myself have spent time with this young lady Sara J. Kruzan. This highly intellegent woman is my up most inspiration who help me believe in my dreams and because of her I no longer do things that will get me in prison, I learned a powerful life long lesson from Sara Krusan, as I will have conversations with her as I was expressing my poetry to her, she will hear me out and tell me it's how I deliver my message to the people. That stuck with me. Her pain I related to and it able me to write my book "Keep'n It Poetically Lyrikal" because her story was my story too in some areas. I wrote a poem called "Inspiration Rings From Miles Away" you will find on youtube and Sara Krusan co-wrote it with me. Where you can look up Kimberly Williams "Inspiration Rings From Miles Away" We mail it in prison to Barack Obama on Febuare 20, 2009 before it ever became a song and never looked back for a thank you. That is why I breathe that song into life. That one day Sara will hear my deliverance. I did it! I found a song that will keep me on the right side of life, thanks to Sara believing in me, I just want to say Thank You Sara J. Krusan and I Love you. I believe in your freedom that God will see you out that madness....Chowchilla Super Kimberly Williams kiwimusic422....The book is in all book stores now.....Sara have blessed my life. I lost contact with her but God be willing let this message give her inspiration to push a little longer in prison. God is Good. You freedom will come.

August 12, 2012 at 1:10 p.m. ( | suggest removal )