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Comments made by kjames

What Can Riders Do To Stay Safe On Two Wheels?

Thank you for featuring this story. I ride a sportbike, supermoto and dirt bike, as well as occasionally race and commute with my motorcycles. Any campaign to promote the awareness of motorcyclists on the road is helpful.

Thank you for featuring Rob from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation! This is an awesome foundation and the first motorcycle I had ever touched was in the beginners class they offer. Too many riders out there do not utilize this class and as a result, miss out an opportunity to acquire skills that can save their life later.

One issue that was not addressed unfortunately is how often riders are seriously injured or killed due to lack of safety gear and/or the lack of a suitable, well-fitting helmet. "Brain buckets" do very little to prevent major head injuries and do nothing to prevent someone's face being bashed-in. Also, if a rider is wearing a good, full-face helmet but is wearing only a t-shirt and shorts -- they are at risk of experiencing horrific injuries in the event of even a small accident. A safety lecture is incomplete without addressing the safety gear that is available out there.

August 17, 2011 at 1:13 p.m. ( | suggest removal )