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Comments made by kjustus

Convicted Sex Offenders Petition For Changes To Jessica's Law

With regard to being a registered sex offender, homeless and on the streets, changing our registrants laws is not the answer. As a community, we may want to consider having these registrants placed back into jail or some other controlled system to protect the innocent families being hit so hard from the current economy. Just because they cannot afford an address more than 2000 feet away from a school, park, or place where children frequent, doesn't mean we should change the laws.
For the innocent families being dislocated and placed on the streets, we may consider some public camp grounds, like during the great depression, with clean running water and bathrooms. No predators allowed!!! These dislocated families are not even allowed to live in their cars. How sad is this.
I wish I had more to give - we too lost our home, cars, jobs and are living in a one bedroom (praise God for that).

August 15, 2011 at 8:47 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Convicted Sex Offenders Petition For Changes To Jessica's Law

To my neighbors, the defenders of these registrants, and to the registrants:

Absolutely ridiculous. Neighbors, you should read the full charges on each of these cases. I personally recommend you look up the files of your local sex offenders. These cases are public record and you should know what you are protecting your families from. These sites can help you make informed decisions about your registrants. Of course registrants are going to tell you they are not that bad. They want to be the victims. Do not assume what they are telling you is truth.

Registrants, if you were innocent -- you should have plead 'NOT GUILTY.' Does anyone remember Dale Akiki? His face and his name were plastered all over the news for months. The man who was accused of sexually assaulting young children while in his care at a Sunday school class. This was a witch hunt case -- Dale plead "NOT GUILTY" and the public defender’s office proved he was "NOT GUILTY." This man has my pity.

Registrants, you were either found guilty or plead guilty -- you are CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS. As far as low risk (what a joke) charges you are REPEAT OFFENDERS!!!! Not the first time dad has been questioned about related issues. These are added to the website because it has been proven statistically that this is a pattern for sex offenders.

I support my law enforcement agencies, the victims of the people who went through great lengths and costs, to help prevent these crimes from ever happening to another child/person and I will stand up against any movement to change these laws, if not for the protection of my own children for the memories of the children and people who have been victims of such predators.

Registrants and defenders of registrants, you should be ashamed of yourselves if you feel otherwise. If you are a registered sex offender, you should adjust your life to stay away from the innocent and weak. Personally, my family does not think it is too much to ask for you to stay away from schools, parks, beaches where children play. Nor do we think it too much to ask for you to keep away from the vulnerable on every level of your life. You are not in jail. You can still live a relatively free life. Maybe some of your dreams have been revoked or made more difficult to attain --- THAT IS YOUR FAULT!!!!

In our society today, both parents are working and there are risks we must take everyday sending our children out into the world. Known predator should not be on that list.

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