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Comments made by kmassie

Governor: Construction On Calif. High Speed Rail To Begin In 2012

Building the HSR system will employ thousands of California construction workers. Construction of the Initial Construction Section in the Central Valley will create 100,000 job-years over the next five years and one-million job-years over the next 20 years.

Please note - jobs for the CHSRA and many other agencies are figured in job-years. A job-year is one year of work for one person. So one person on a job for ten years is ten job-years.

Once fully operational, the San Francisco to Los Angeles Basin phase is expected to create 4,500 job-years for people who will service and maintain the infrastructure, trains and equipment.

California High Speed Rail Authority

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Governor: Construction On Calif. High Speed Rail To Begin In 2012

In Proposition 1A there is $950 million set aside for intermodal connectivity to do exactly the types of things you are talking about. In LA they are spending between $30-40 billion to improve local transit to do the same. In San Francisco, officials want spend $4 billion to construct the Transbay Transit Center to link high-speed rail to commuter rail, bus service and light rail.

California High Speed Rail Authority.

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