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Comments made by kpks

Lawyers Question Usefulness Of Proposed Chelsea's Law

It disappoints me when tragedies happen and people's first response focuses on what the victim could have done differently, blaming Chelsea's lack of 'common sense' for instance.

Framing this these acts as a misstep of the victim, and thus something you or I could control and avoid, may make us feel more secure but is in fact a tragedy in itself. We live in a world where great and terrible things happen daily, but encouraging everyone to live in fear of the worst case scenario is a dangerous slide into paranoia.

If she had been with a female friend, and they both were attacked, would you then say that it is only 'common sense' for a woman to run with a male companion? Only in broad daylight? Only with a gps? Personal safety is important, and we should all be aware of what is possible to protect ourselves. But this didn't happen because she ran alone, this happened because there was a sexual predator looking to hurt someone.

What we should be focusing on is strategies for a safer community by enforcing our laws so that women or men could walk by themselves in our community without fearing rape or danger. This is clearly a bigger undertaking than simply telling women to not go running by themselves. This law may or may not be helpful, and there is a valid debate to be had about it. But those looking to hurt others will find a way unless we focus of our prevention strategy on source of the problem- the perpetrator- not on activating our 'common sense.'

April 14, 2010 at 3:25 p.m. ( | suggest removal )