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Comments made by krayfun1

Lori Saldaña Defends Gun Control After Aurora Shooting

The 60% figure came from a quote by a guest on the MSNBC "The Ed Show" dated 7/20/2012. The guest was one of a panel discussing the merits of additional gun control in Colorado.

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Summer Training Prepares Teachers To Inspire Future Engineers

As someone who's read articles over many decades reporting the "buried successes" of electric car plans by students in classes sponsored by oil companies AND seen the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?", I'll put judgement aside and praise these classes for teachers, being a retired teacher myself. However, I would like to suggest required homework: exploring the website for "The Next List" seen on CNN Sunday at 11 A.M.( Dr. Sanjay Gupta has featured shows on inventions, three of immediate recall are the "Little Devices Group" making medical devices from toys, the West Philly "Hybrid X Team" of the Sustainability Workshop School winning a high MPG contest with their entered car, and "Little Bits" showing kits for invention exploration and discovery. Along with a show on an invention fair, these shows explode the possibilities of classroom use with students. Enjoy!

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Massacre Suspect James Holmes Appears In Court

I believe this mass shooting, like so many of the others, points directly to the need of our society to lose the negative stigma of mental illness. Having taught elementary grades for 37 years, now retired, I have vivid memories of students exhibiting behavior of less than normal social interaction, many of them boys. Teachers are limited to address with parents what they observe and hear stated by students, but legally can only suggest parents might CONSIDER seeking help from a medical professional. Serious behavior problems are much easier to adjust at the young age, allowing the child to live a happier life, instead of one filled with the pain of repressed anger. I hope the Affordable Care Act includes mental health services. I personally know the blessings of my therapy 35 years ago, and how it positively changed my life. But I also recall overcoming my own fears of being labelled "crazy".

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Lori Saldaña Defends Gun Control After Aurora Shooting

I believe this mass shooting reinforces the urgent need for a serious national conversation on gun control, particularly regarding the lapse of the assault weapons ban. Since Columbine 13 years ago, there have been 27 mass shootings. When the ban was in place, weapons like the AR-15 were illegal and difficult to obtain, and research shows it effectively reduced assault crimes by 60%. I believe the only use of assault weapons in our society should be by police and military for society's protection.

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