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Comments made by krispyier

'Latino' Or 'Hispanic': What's In A Name?

Am I allowed to weigh in as a non-Latina/Hispanic?

I don't like 'Hispanic' since it evokes historically Spanish, even if it derives 'Hispania' (which I'm not so sure about). When I studied Portuguese, we used 'Luso~' for things, people, and places historically Portuguese, but both terms, as the article ends with, says that there still remains the stickier issue of indigenous groups who have never really been historically colonized in the Americas, like Amazonians, for instance. Even nationality terms obscure are not as descriptive as they may seem throughout the Americas and other settler societies like NZ and Australia. I know several people who are Korean but immigrated here from Argentina. Are they Hispanic or Latin@? Are they even Argentinian?

All that said, I tend to use Latin@ when necessary. I try to say, "from a Spanish-language dominant country" if I'm trying really hard to be accurate.

April 29, 2012 at 2:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )