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Comments made by krudnick

Solar Power Users Upset Over Proposed Rate Hike

Excuse the misstatement above. I meant to quote JC Thomas as saying "the sum total of solar power users costs each non-solar user about $35/yr" unless I misunderstood JC Thomas. The English is incorrect. The math is correct, as I divided the total cost to all non-solar users ($49M) by the number of solar users to see how much each solar user is contributing to the total cost.

October 20, 2011 at 6:51 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Solar Power Users Upset Over Proposed Rate Hike

Moral outrage aside, let's do the math. It was stated that each solar user costs the 1.4 million users about $35/yr. That is a total cost of about $49 million per year. If we divide that by the ~12,000 solar power residents, that's about $4,000/yr or $333/month. I looked at the last bill I had from SDG&E which had distribution broken out and it showed about $20 for the month in question. I would like to see the SDG&E calculations to support the increase.

Currently we private solar power generators pay about $5/month and when we purchased our system, it was explained that was the cost of being connected to the grid. One might understand a 5% hike on that original cost as a typical inflationary rise, but to change from $5/mo to either $11 or $22 as stated in the broadcast (or $33 which I heard elsewhere) is ludicrous.

Furthermore, since the meter only shows net, SDG&E has no idea how much activity I'm producing on the grid. If I produce 500 kwh in a month and usee500 kwh in a month, they cannot tell the difference between my shutting off my system, going to Europe and producing 0 kwh and using 0 kwh over the same time period. So, even if they find some way to charge us for using the grid, they will have to change the metering in order to fairly determine just how much of the grid we're using.

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