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Comments made by ksilvas82

Global March Against Chemtrails & Geoengineering -- 01/25/14 at 3363 Nobel Drive, San Diego, CA 92037

Even if you believe these are merely contrails, the FAA admits the following regarding contrails "Aircraft engines emit water vapor, carbon dioxide (CO2), small amounts of nitrogen oxides
(NOx), hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, sulfur gases, and soot and metal particles
formed by the high-temperature combustion of jet fuel during flight" And says this regarding persistent contrails "Persistent contrails are of interest to scientists because
they increase the cloudiness of the atmosphere. First, persistent contrails are line-shaped clouds that would not have formed in the atmosphere without the passage of an aircraft. Secondly, persistent contrails often evolve and spread into extensive cirrus cloud cover that is indistinguishable from naturally occurring cloudiness...Changes in cloudiness are important because clouds help control the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. Changes in cloudiness resulting from human activities are important because they might contribute to long-term changes in the Earth's climate...Changes in climate may have important impacts on natural resources and human health." They then continue on to say "Currently there are NO regulations addressing contrails and their atmospheric effects." Source:

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Construction Progresses At North County Desalination Plant

any idea if this plant will be able to remove radioactive properties from the water, not just as it pertains to Fukushima (which is leaking 300 tons of radioactive waste per day into the Pacific Ocean) but also future disasters?

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I think I am part of the Silvas history here in San Diego, I have found a lot of commonalities with family trees on but am not sure if maybe I'm from a taboo side of the family or something because everything I have found on ancestry that would pertain to my side is always set to "private" while they leave the rest of the info public. Some users who have my side of the family on ancestry even have their profile set to where I can't even contact them whatsoever making it very difficult to find out more about exactly what happened with where we descended from.

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