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Comments made by kwcoulson

The Odd History Of Marijuana In The U.S.

The concept of addiction has been rejected by both psychologists and physicians. That term (addiction) is archaic. The term used is "chemical dependency."

Generally, marijuana has an inverse tolerance and its withdrawal is softened significantly by its slow elimination from the body. Heavy users experience significant withdrawal in the first few days after cessation; these take the form of flu like symptoms. I spent 25 years working as a clinical psychologist in a chemical dependency treatment unit in Ohio. I can say with authority that there is withdrawal from marijuana, the use of marijuana leads to relapse among chemically dependent persons, and that chemical depenendcy on marijuana is a debilitating and chronic illness.

However, the illegality of marijuana is what leads to the "stepping stone" effect of marijuana. If one has to connect with a criminal to obtain their marijuana, that criminal sometimes offers other, more profitable substances, which are also illegal.

The truth is that all that criminalization of any substance, causes the demand to increase and its supply to be limited, increasing profits for suppliers. Drug enforcement does nothing to reduce the use of those illegal substances. Further, 95% of those in prison, are there for some connection to substance abuse/chemical dpendency. Prohibition does not work, whether it is for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc. Treat the chemical dependency; educate early about the dangers of substance abuse; and, promote the free expression and communication between persons.
Kenneth W. Coulson, Psy.D.

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"Brownouts" Slow Fire Department Response To Choking Toddler

23 years ago, my then two year old son drowned in our pool in Poway. He stopped breathing and his heart had stopped. My then 16 year old stepson had taken a class at Poway High that included CPRs during the previous semester. The paramedics arrived approximately 10 minutes later to find a pink breathing two year old, ready to be transported to the hospital. My now 25 year old son, would not be alive today had my stepson not had that training. I urge all individuals to enroll in CPR training.

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