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San Diego County's Homeless Population Drops 4 Percent

Please make a link to the actual 2014 Report.

The long awaited 2014 cannot be found on the site.

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Where Did San Diego Find The Extra Money For Its Next Budget?

The annual $200 Million in former RDA Property Tax Increment (TI) and annual $20 million in other revenue is still being collected into the RPTTF under control of Civic San Diego.

Item S401 the FY-2014 Mid-Year Budget Monitoring Report of March 3, 2014 documents that the City's General Fund received an extra $50.2 Million, not just $11 million in Residual Property Tax Increment (TI) from Successor Agency assets. Including the residual Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Fund (RPTTF) distributions, and residual distributions from the $167 and $13 Million Non-Housing and Housing Due Diligence Reports (DDR) Payments to the County of San Diego.

Everyone is under the assumptions that Redevelopment has ended. Based upon the $1.6 BILLION in debts on ROPS-6, the 31% Tax Sharing Payments, and debt service payments for bonds, it would take 15 to 20 years for Redevelopment to actually end in the City of San Diego.

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City Heights Residents Rally For Free Bus Pass Program Expansion

Please analyze our evidence that would provide millions that could be used for the school transit programs. Or public parks, fire stations, sidewalks, and infrastructure. Including sidewalks for school children in San Ysidro.

The easy solution is to ask State officials like Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins for discretionary approval to override the legal Ministerial staff decisions by the Department of Finance (DOF). State staff can only approve ministerial ROPS Line Items that are in conformance with the law based upon the presented evidence. Civic San Diego has not presented all the evidence, and have given it their best shot.

In San Diego the evidence and mitigating circumstances have not been presented or fully explains to State Officials totaling over $500 million. Hopefully Mayor Faulconer will take over control of Negotiations between the City and the State, instead of Civic San Diego staff.

Please analyze and examine of the DOF's denial of Repayment of Federal HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Repayments totaling $78 million over 10 year, and the $144 Million in debt to the poor that the City Council erased. The State told us that Civic San Diego never sent the backup documents, or contracts so denial of CDBG repayments are predictable. This is the money for children and seniors that is being lost forever.

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Ex-Mayor Filner Completes 90 Days Of House Arrest

Please investigate potential Quid Pro Quo for making assault claims against former Mayor Filner.

The 26 year old Jerry Dines is suing the City for millions, and just starting a new job at the State of California Department of Corrections in northern California in December 2013.

Another victim Peggy Shannon received a new subsidized senior apartment in January 2014 probably through the City and/or San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC).

"Moved into new apt...downtown, 3 blocks from city hall and 1 block from center. Not all stuff is put away, but I love my view of Coronado bridge...water and planes landing...hope to have my computer up and running soon...Invitation to everyone...come and see my new is very cool...

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Filner's Annual San Diego City Pension Reduced By Nearly $1,800

Please Investigate the potential Quid Pro Quo for making legal claims against former Mayor Filner. Victims received new jobs, and an apartment.

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San Diego: Today Is Peggy Shannon Day

One Woman’s Thoughts on ‘A Day of Honor’

“The Mayor targeted and preyed upon Peggy Shannon, a senior citizen who was employed at City Hall to help seniors. Peggy was there to do her job, but Mayor Filner seemed to think that she was there solely for his sexual pleasure and that she was fair game, even though she never gave him any reason to think that she would be interested in something other than a working relationship with him.”

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Second Filner Harassment Settlement Will Include Apology From City

Prior Peggy Shannon has changed her story on the location where former Mayor Filner gave her a hug without permission.

First she stated the location of the hug without permission was when she was behind her desk, which is behind a counter. It is impossible for anyone to reach over both the counter and the desk. Hugs cannot take place with people on two different sides of the same large counter.

After no video of the incident was found, Peggy Shannon changed the location of the hug without permission somewhere in the Civic Center Plaza.

Now its back to the desk/counter.

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San Diego Veterans Homeless Shelter Stays Open

Filner administration included keeping the Veterans and Downtown Homeless Emergency Shelter Tents opened year round. Now 350 San Diegans will be evicted on March 31, 2014 in 40 Days. The Tents will reopen in November 2014. Over 60+ San Diegans die every year due to a lack of basic shelter.

Last year, on April 6, 2013, McCormack Jackson tried to block Homeless Veterans Tents advocates from meeting with Mayor Filner at the first Saturday morning meetings to tell them his office staff was sabotaging efforts to fund solutions before the Monday April 8, 2013, 8 am morning evictions at the Veterans Tent in the Midway neighborhood.

Luckily McCormack Jackson's plan to block citizen access to the Mayor failed, and the Veterans Tents stayed opened Year Round for the first time ever, thanks to advocacy by David Ross the Waterman.

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Questions Dog Bonnie Dumanis On San Diego Campaign Finance Probe

The Public Waterfront is managed by the San Diego Unified Port District (UPD), not the Mayor. The Public Waterfront is owned by the People of the State of California in Trust forever. It is illegal to build private luxury condominiums on Public State Tidelands. At the most only Condo-Hotels are allowed. Condo Hotel owners cannot live in the Unit for 6 or more month a year (50%).

Never even heard of a supposed war room. Where is the small leased office space did this war room exists? What did the war room do?

Former Mayor Filner promised Public Park and Open Space advocates a public Waterfront Park at the Navy Broadway Complex (NBC), not luxury condos like Miami. after Active Seismic Faults are Confirmed or Denied from the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal (TAMT) to the Airport. By our Municipal Codes fault buffer setbacks increase from 50 feet on each side to 400 feet on each side. In this fault buffer zone only Public Park and open space areas are allowed by Code.

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Father Joe Coming Out Of Retirement For Namesake Charity

Great news. The City AND County of San Diego are in violation of the Federal Fair Housing and HEARTH Act based upon their failure to identify funding to end Veterans and Chronic Homeless by 2015, and all Homeless including Children by 2020.

The San Diego Regional Continuum of Care and all Non-Profit and Faith Based Community members are being suckered by Civic San Diego and City Financial staff

The $908 million in former Redevelopment Agency assets are being siphoned off into the City and County General Funds through the $13 million Housing Due Diligence Report (DDR) Payment and the $167 Non-Housing Other Assets DDR Payment.

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