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Alvarez Takes First Step To Keep San Diego City Council Seat

In 45 days, on March 31, 2014, 350 San Diegans, including 150 Veterans, will be evicted from the two Homeless Emergency Shelter Tents in the Midway and downtown due to a lack of leadership on the City Council.

The easy way David can show leadership is to get our State Legislators to help negotiate with the DOF instead of Civic San Diego staff. This would move 100s of Million into the neighborhoods.

Another solution to keep the two Homeless tents opened year round is to force Civic San Diego to move the $7.8 Million Successor Agency distributions into the Low Moderate Income Housing Asset Fund (LMIHAF) per State law, instead of the General Fund.

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San Diego Port Officials OK America's Cup Bid

America's Cup cost to San Francisco more than doubles

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City Of San Diego OKs $250K To Settle Filner Lawsuit

The Filner administration included keeping the Veterans and Downtown Homeless Emergency Shelter Tents opened year round. Now 350 San Diegans will be evicted on March 31, 2014 in 48 Days. The Tents will reopen in November 2014. Over 60+ San Diegans die every year due to a lack of basic shelter.

Last year, on April 6, 2013, McCormack Jackson tried to block Homeless Veterans Tents advocates from meeting with Mayor Filner at the first Saturday morning meetings to tell them his office staff was sabotaging efforts to fund solutions before the Monday April 8, 2013, 8 am morning evictions at the Veterans Tent in the Midway neighborhood.

Luckily McCormack Jackson's plan to block citizen access to the Mayor failed, and the Veterans Tents stayed opened Year Round for the first time ever.

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San Diego City Council Postpones Disussion On Open Government Ballot Measure

City Attorney Goldsmith is trying to sabotage the City Charter Amendment for Open Government for the June 2, 2014 ballot.

The likely reason is that the City Attorney stated he will be bringing forth City Charter Amendments for the November 2014 ballot. And he wants to piggy back on Open Government which should pass without resistance.

See Video Start Time 2 Hours and 39 minutes where the City Attorney is accused of dragging his feet, playing politics, and legal sabotage, so that the Open Government City Charter Amendment will not be on the June 2, 2014 ballot.

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Gloria: San Diego Homeless Funding Should Be Redirected To Effective Programs

Great news on keeping the same FY-2014 level of $1.9 million from General Fund fund.

In addition to the $1.9 million General Funding contribution; the February 6, 2014 IBA Report Number IBA-14-6 on ROPS-6 and Inter-Agency Loan Repayment documents total loan repayments of $9.7 million will be available in July 2014. Of which $1.9 million goes into the Successor Agency Housing Asset Fund for the poor and homeless, and the remaining $7.8 million of Residual RPTTF goes into the General Fund. See Table on Page 4.

Therefore, there is still another $1.9 million in undesignated cash. Approximately $686,000 that can be used to keep both Winter Homeless Emergency Shelters opened Year-Round.

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Filner Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Gets 2015 Trial Date

McCormack Jackson waited exactly 6 months from her hire on December 20, 2012 to the Mayoral Staff meeting on June 20, 2013 to go after the deep pockets of the City of San Diego for an alleged incident that happened months before.

Six months is a special deadline because someone in the Mayor's office cancelled the mandatory sexual harassment training, which was scheduled, then cancelled and not rescheduled until after the 6 month deadline was passed.

She worked for months after Filner's resignation with no problems, then decided she was unable to work.

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Filner Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Gets 2015 Trial Date

Stacy McKenzie did not state he "rubbed her breast." She stated he put her in a headlock.

Supposedly Michelle Tyler call then Mayor Filner and went out on a date. Please investigate.

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Separating Alvarez From Faulconer: The Political Issues

Only 62 Days until the two Emergency Homeless Shelter Tents are closed.

Everyone talks a good game, but all that matters is identification of funding solution.
Leadership including action is needed by both Mayoral candidates immediately. Please analyze the solutions which would have zero effect on the City's General Fund. Just City Council Docketing and Approval.

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San Diego interim Mayor Todd Gloria's City Hall Update

Leaders Please Lead and find solutions before it is too late for the poor and Homeless.

Former Mayor Filner tried to force Civic San Diego to fund Homeless Solutions using $32 million in former CCDC Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Tax Increment (TI) siting in the bank to no avail.

The lack of leadership at City Hall is resulting in the two Homeless Emergency Shelter Tents to run out of funding and close down on March 31, 2014.

Former Mayor Filner promised the Homeless that both tents would stay open year-round. Now that he is gone someone has to step up and lead.

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