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Comments made by laplayaheritage

Lawsuit Against Convention Center Expansion Expected Soon

The public financing issues could be finalized by the Constitutionally required public vote as soon as June 2014 for the next Statewide election. The City of San Diego will be putting other citywide Propositions onto the June 2014 and November 2014 ballots including the Barrio Logan plan, and City Charter amendments. Adding additional items would not add much additional ballot costs.

The deadline to get on the June 2014 ballot should be sometime in January 2014, a few months away.

The deadline to get on the November 2014 ballot should be sometime in June 2014.

The ballot questions would be simple:

1. Would the public approve a 5% TOT Hotel Tax increase on visitors only for public Infrastructure and Capitol Projects (4%), including a Penny for the Arts (1%). Need 2/3% voter approval. Infrastructure and Capitol Project includes a Convention Center Expansion and/or Stadium.

2. Advisory Vote Only. If the Hotel Tax increase passes, would the public approve $575 million for a stand alone Convention Center Expansion, or would public like the already
pre-approved $575 million Cap to be used for a multi-purpose Stadium and Convention Center Expansion, including CEQA analysis of multiple alternative sites, and formation of a joint powers authority through SANDAG ?

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Crucial Vote Coming Up On San Diego Convention Center Expansion Plan

No alternative site locations were brought forward by the public were analyzed for the Draft EIR. The Chargers preferred site is at the MTS Bus Maintenance Yard between 14th and 16th Street. Only the Tailgate site between 12th and 14th Street was analyzed, and discarded due to the active fault along 13th Street. Alternative proposed sites never analyzed including our proposed alternative Contiguous 15-acre site on the Waterfront, Contiguous East expansion on Harbor Boulevard and above the train tracks, the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal, and the Chargers preferred site between 14th and 16th Street.

Also the funding scheme requires that the State acknowledge that Hotel Lessee of State Tidelands have ownership of our public lands. Mello-Roos taxes, such as the up to 3% Special Tax for the Convention Center Financing District (CCFD), can only be voted on by landowner on private lands, not public State Tidelands under Trust.

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Setback For San Diego Convention Center Expansion Plan

Agreed. It would be great if San Diego City and the Port started following the law, and confirm or deny active faulting in the full Planning Area as part of the Port Master Plan Amendment (PMPA).

Coastal Commission Staff Report Recommending Denial. Large File - 22 MB.

The Port's plan failed because they did not read the Coastal Act. If they did they would know that our Protected Coastal View Corridor to San Diego Bay includes the view from the new Pedestrian Bridge over Harbor Drive. The Port's design consultant are at fault for the square southwest corner of the structure which limited our Protected View Corridor for no good reason. Sloppy.

In addition, instead of the new 500 room luxury Hotel Tower on top of the Parking Structure as planned and approved by the City Council. The location of the Tower was moved to the Northwest of the Parking Structure, further block our Protected View Corridor, but now to the South. The effects of these two design flaws are responsible for the staff recommendation to DENY,

If Port staff or Port Commissioners read the former agreements, they would know that the next project planned for the Convention Center would be to increase public access to our free Waterfront by construction of a Pedestrian Bridge at Fourth Avenue, and new Wayfinding Signs to encourage public use of Embarcadero Marina Park South, and a Public View Patio on the Second Floor of the Convention Center that is never used by the public. The Public View Patio is seen by locals as private and off limits.

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Interim Mayor, Chargers Meet Over Stadium, Convention Center Plans

The Chargers and downtown crowd's plan is to build two separate facilities.

The private Chargers Stadium would be financed by selling off Qualcomm Stadium and the Sports Arena land in a public vote.

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No Funding For Year-Round Homeless Shelters In San Diego

An easy solution would be to move the $293 million in former CCDC Redevelopment Agency (RDA)Assets, including $32 million in Cash from hoarded Tax Increment (TI) and Unencumbered Low and Moderate Housing Bond Proceeds from the Civic San Diego controlled Low and Moderate Income Housing Asset Fund into the official Housing Trust Fund managed by the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC).

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What Should San Diego Do With Its Old Downtown Library Building?

The site is historical and has asbestos problems.

Using the $293 million in Affordable Housing assets, from the former CCDC Redevelopment Agency (RDA) including $32 million in cash, to turn the area into a Homeless Shelter with Women and Children.

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Race For Mayor Grows To More Than Three Dozen Potential Candidates

Councilman David Alvarez stated today that he is pleased with the existing Plaza de Panama parking and circulation changes. Councilman Alvarez does not see a need for the Bypass Bridge and $25 million taxpayer funded Paid Parking structure.

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Councilman Alvarez Enters Mayor's Race

@DavidAlvarezSD for Mayor of San Diego

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Filner's Exit Isn't The End Of San Diego's Mayoral Mayhem

Agree with PatG. Pathetic coverage. One sided. Create hysteria that lead to political Lynching.

No investigation and no fact checking on the urgency to force a Resignation by Section 108 charges for credit cards, and upholding our Council Policy on the City Council's and City Attorney's illegal gift of two Public Park Easements to the private Sunroad developers. The fraud occurred when the April 30, 2013 City Council Hearing Agenda stated No Fiscal Consideration for the Waiver of Council Policy.

"Fiscal Considerations: None."

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Local Businesswoman Alleges Mayor Filner Inappropriately Touched Her


Close up of Diane York full photo shows hands on waist, not butt.

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