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Comments made by les

Roundtable: More NCTD Troubles, Jail Violence, Ramona Teacher Unrest, H-1b Visas

Zuckerberg's problem is not a labor problem, he's got a cash-flow problem at Facebook. He aims to solve it by hiring cheap imported foreign STEM labor. It's always the usual companies Qualcomm, HP, Intel, Microsoft, now Facebook singing the same refrain over and over: US institutions produce stupid graduates because our universities are inferior to foreign ones, so corporations are 'forced' to look to India for superior tech labor. Notice Qualcomm and Facebook just took free air-time on public radio to attract applicants, they don't tell you they practice age and wage discrimination. If you are over 50 forget it, you will never get a favorable reply. If these companies paid a living wage to these stellar STEM foreign workers, you would not see 6 cars in the driveway of a rental unit in Fremont. Today the H-1b and Greencards are abused to suppress wages in the STEM fields, corporations benefit while middle-class tech workers loose.

May 5, 2013 at 8:14 a.m. ( | suggest removal )