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Comments made by lesliegraham

Climate Change Presses Forward Despite Warming Hiatus

Coach. You've been lied to. Current temperatures are way warmer than during the MWP which was a regional event restricted mainly to the North Atlantic region. Central Asia was much colder at the same time for example.
It WAS warmer during the MWP than previously in this region but it is already warmer than that now. On average it's 0.4C warmer but in some areas - like northern Scandinavia - it's a full 2C warmer now.
The con that the denial industry used - and which you seem to have fallen victim to - was that they used the temperature record for Central England and claimed that it represented global temperature. A complere nonsense of course.
They also cut off the end of the graph at 1950 which, of course, hid most of the recent warming. When this obvious deception was discovered and the true global temperature record produced it obviously didn't show the MWP because it wasn't global and the temperature graph continued to 2004 and showed the rapid recent warming.
The denial industry PR machine then claimed that the evel scientists had tried to hide the MWP. Of course the exact opposite is true. It was the denial industry who had tried to make it look as though the MWP was global and hid the recent warming.
That's just typical of the stunts they pull over and over again.
This is a very well known deception - one of the most notorious in fact - and I'm surprised you havn't heard about it yet.
And the scientific community don't refer to you as deniers because you ask questions - they call you deniers because you tell lies. And deny the overwhelming scientific evidence from every single Acadamy of Science on the planet of course.
There is NO 'debate' about the basics of global warming. It's not rocket science. Every time greenhouse gas levels go up the Earth warms. Always has - always will.

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Brown Vows to Fight "Cult-like" Climate Change Deniers

It is overwhelmingly the climate change deniers, not scientists, who feign outrage and disingenuously attempt to link the term denier to the holocaust.
This is transparant and utterly bogus.
When the world refers to you as climate change deniers it means precisely that: climate change deniers. It has absolutely nothing to do with that obscure group of right wing Europeans who deny the holocaust and you know it.

Those who honestly and openly use logical, rational analysis to critically interpret the data are sceptics, no matter what they conclude. Those who indulge in a range of dishonest and disingenuous practices are not sceptics, regardless of their conclusions - they are deniers.
They are deniers regardless of the subject of the facts they are denying whether it is the holocaust or climate change.

Denialism is the employment of rhetorical tactics to give the appearance of argument or legitimate debate, when in actuality there is none. These false arguments are used when one has few or no facts to support one's viewpoint against a scientific consensus or against overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

I'll grant you they are (or rather used to be - you're increasingly being seen for what you really are nowadays) effective in distracting from actual useful debate using emotionally appealing, but ultimately empty and illogical assertions.

Deniers use conspiracy theory, selectivity (cherry-picking - such as the fatuous"no warming since 1998" meme ), diversionary tactics, fake 'experts', impossible expectations of 'scientific proof', general fallacies of logic and when that fails they will simply tell flat out lies.

Examples of common topics in which denialists employ all these tactics include: Creationism/Intelligent Design, Climate Change denialsim, HIV/AIDS denialism, Holocaust denialism, Tobacco Carcinogenecity denialism (the first organized corporate denialism campaign) and anti-vaccination/autism denialism.

They are all forms of denial but climate change deniers have no connection to creationists or holocaust deniers other than that they deny the overwhelming scientific evidence against their idological position

It is not a "malicious slander' to refer to those who know nothing of climate science and are utterly incapable of facing up to the reality of human-caused climate change as deniers.
It is a perfectly legitimate descripition.
If the caps fits.........

And that is not even to mention the jaw-dropping hypocrisy of deniers whining and hand-wringing at being called out for what they truly are when they themselves routinely slander scientists with outrageous accusations of 'communist conspiracy' and 'fraud' and 'fudging the data' etc etc etc etc. All of which have been thoroughly and completely debunked a thousand times.

So - cry your faked faux-outrage tears as much as you want - you are fooling no-one anymore.

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