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Comments made by lgfujitsusiemens

California's Costly Prisons

If society really understood psychology and psychiatry, they would have a different attitude towards the lengths of sentences that are imposed on humans who have broken the law.
I believe that people can get a second chance. Crimes that are not related to 1st degree murder should not have to be punished by these awefull long sentences. I think that the judical system in America needs to reevaluate these different prison terms. In Sweden for instans they have two typs of life prison terms. One is 10 long and the other real life. The real lifers are people who have a pathalogical disorder where they actually thrive on inflicting physical harm on people. After the first 10 yrs they can apply to get their sentence time set.
I definately do not believe that people who have not commited murder should have to serve longer that max 10 years. They money America pours in to keep prisoners behind bars could be used to help set up parolers with jobs, a place to live and an education, drivers license and a car.

Question: Why is the crime rate in europe is lower than in the US? I believe that a lack of education and good parenting are one of the main problems in America. If America was to have the same social system as Sweden for example, America would be alot better off. People would be happier.

Ideas and solutions:
1. Prison is on an inclosed island (ever seen the movie No Escape 1994 with Ray Liotta? 2. Lifers or people with very long term prison sentences should be paroled when the victims parents have deceased.
3. As we know, there is more crime in the warmer states than in the colder. Repeat offenders amongst others should be banished to live in the colder parts of America such as Alaska. The cool air will keep their heads cool. The climate is more grey and their is not alot of activity going on due to that. The US could set up border patrols from such states to prevent former inmates from escaping.
4. Give prisoners a choice. Join the military to fight in distant battles and put themselves in harms way or serve out their terms behind bars. Perhaps the US can start their own "Foreign Legions" like they have in France.
5. Choose a state and turn it into one giant closed off society for prisoners. There they can work, study, create and do something usefull with their time. Look at all the wasted man power in all those prisons. Perhaps a prison sentence can be reduced if the offender agrees to work during their term instead of sitting around all day.

On the subject of wether the death penalty is right or not I would say that I would rather keep the offender alive and behind bars so that everyday I wake up I will know that I am free and he/she is not. If the offender is executed, their life is over. We all die at some point. Why let them die and stop suffering the pains of this life and let me live and continue to suffer the loss of a loved one even long after the execution was carried out?

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