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Comments made by littlemrphy

How Would Legalizing Pot Affect Calif. Budget, Communities?

I completely agree with Zugzwang. There is a lot to be said about how marijuana is falsely classified with other drugs like cocaine and heroin. When looking at statics marijuana is always lowest grade. We know that alcohol and cigarettes can be incredibly dangerous in comparison to marijuana. I think right now we have enough technology helping to disprove the Reefer Madness publicity smear.

I think people are forgetting the other HUGE effect we are going to have by making marijuana legal... HEMP will be legal too. The textile industry alone could create great locally grown hemp. It’s another step to becoming green (environmentally). By having locally grown hemp and supplying that to many outlets (such as: oil refining, cosmetics, textile industry (prev. mentioned)) we can keep our wastes town and be able to recycle it through many means. Many other nations are growing hemp as industry leading textile.

We need to open our eyes and really think of why are we being restrained from marijuana? Why are we being treated to such high legal troubles for something that is a non - lethal drug and banning its sister plant the HEMP plant? They are just weeds anyways, right?

I want people to keep in mind that when they hear other people speak of cons of marijuana; mentioning stories or incidents of someone dying or it being as bad as cigarettes. Remember that when you mix more than one of ANY drug it will multiply side effects. They say marijuana is a carcinogen just like cigarettes, and partly is, anything is, when you directly catch it on fire and inhale the burning smoke that is created. What they don’t tell you is that THC will actually open the blood flow to your body instead of restricting like nicotine does. This is why it prescribed as a migraine reliever. It works the same as ibuprofen, releasing inflammation of the arteries. As a kicker, marijuana won’t give you ulcers like a lot of over the counter migraine medications do.

I think now is a time that people are starting to think for themselves and really evaluate ALL the information and talk to other people about it instead following in line and not questioning things. Did we forget that is our national ancestry is to challenge a government that holds decaying valves? To challenge stagnate progress; to move forward for a better tomorrow for all not the few. We deserve the right to try to improve our own futures.

I remember reading somewhere familiar; “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”.

Do we still have access to these certain unalienable Rights? Or do we just follow in line with the government in a capitalist nation?

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