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Comments made by livefree

How Will Job Market Be Impacted By Expiration Of Unemployment Benefits?

Hey, love your show!

Listening to the discussion this morning, though, I was intent on commenting with regards to the discussion on tax policy.

The question I have most is- why is it that we, as a society, feel we have the rights to the resources of others? One of the strongest cornerstones of this country's foundation is the protection of property rights and individual liberties. Although I believe the income tax is contradictory to this essential liberty by nature, the narrative on raising taxes on the rich is most alarming.

So they succeeded? Why should we use the coercive power of government to steal their rightful property?

I'd also like to make it clear that I am not in this often demonized "top 3%." I am a bicycle salesman making a hard-earned $10.00 and hour, and I'm quite frightened by the growing sense of entitlement that this society is developing.

December 3, 2010 at 9:41 a.m. ( | suggest removal )