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Comments made by lkfriskopp

The Future Of Salvation Mountain Uncertain

I have known Leonard Knight since 1981. He is the real deal, he is kind, sincere and filled with honesty and a spirituality that few humans possess. There are many fakes and phoneys in this world, he is not among them. Regardless if you agree or disagree with his message he has only one thing in his heart to tell others that God loves all things and beings. He has never wavered or had second thoughts. He has never doubted his message or questioned his faith or his love of all people.
Leonard cheerfully worked at jobs that few would do weather it was picking fruit, chopping wood or helping with corn harvest in Nebraska for a friend of mine or changing tires and wrestling them on the truck in Quartzsite, AZ. My father happened upon him doing that job in 1984.Leonard did these jobs for one reason to serve God and spread God's love to anyone that would listen.
He never once said "Oh if I could only get enough money to get that new car or that new stereo. He never though of himself. He used money to barely himself physically, never to obtain luxuries for himself. If he had a new pair of shoes which was not likely and he came across someone that had no shoes he would probably give the shoes away. He would end up at the thrift store for another pair and wrap duct tape around them to last longer.
My last visit with Leonard was in 2010 as he was getting very forgetful and barely remembered me, I knew he would not be able to be out at the mountain very much longer. His body and mind simply couldn't take that desert climate anymore. I was glad and yet sad when I heard he had been placed in a home. I'm sure he would much rather have went to be with God in his sleep in the desert with his mountain.
I do hope there is a way to preserve his vision, his mountain.
It's effect is amazing on all that experience it. He said Sean Penn tried to find what he is looking for there. I don't think he's found it yet but he may yet. That's the effect that place has.
To those that want to make an environmental issue of the mountain I can only say, that's already been tried. God won that fight. In the scheme of things that paint is insignificant. Have you ever been to Nilan? there is very little that land could ever provide. The hope it may provide others far out weights the "environmental impact". Take a look at the endless number of industrial sites throughout California that serve no purpose except they made men billionaires, go clean those up and after you're done, come back to Salvation Mountain.

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