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Comments made by lovecalifornia

City Council Shows Strong Support For Tourism Marketing District

While its fine to believe that your hoteliers should pay to market themselves, you all should consider this. By creating this modest 2%fee to create a private non profit destination marketing organization it allow San Diego to join with 74 other TMD's currently in existence operating within California doing the same thing who are raising over $150 million to market their destination along with Visit California's $50 million also raised by the fees paid by the travel and hospitality industry now joined by Brand USA which is a private non profit created by President Obama using a fee on international airline ticket sales designed to raise $100 million to for the first time to market the USA. Why? To quote the president :The more folks who visit America, the more Americans we get back to work.Its that simple". So the president wants to market the USA, because people don't know where we are? No because the US has never marketed itself and now for years the USA has lost a leisure travel market share which has equated to thousands and thousands of jobs and millions and millions of travel related revenue. So now LA and San Fran (sorry I have to say this) because they have very smart mayors who understand the importance of travel as an economic driver and jobs engine) are busy putting their TMD dollars together to market their destinations with Visit California and Brand USA on an international platform to attract the international traveler knowing they stay longer and spend more. Did you know that for every 90 additional international travelers that come to California it means an additional job for a Californian. And that the international travel spends almost equally in transportation, retail, restaurant, attractions and hotels? Except of course the Chinese traveler who is poised to come to California in a big way and they just want to go shopping! That's right they just spend a ton of money, do not tax local infrastructure, employ lots of local Californians and go home. But that's ok San Diego you go ahead and talk to your neighbors. I am sure you will get the same results as LA and San Francisco after all everyone knows where you are. So tell me again why companies spend $4 million for a commercial to air on the super bowl oh ya marketing doesn't work. Oh and the TMD in Las Vegas that spends $230 million to make sure that everyone knows "What happens in Vegas,.................... Ya we all know the end of that line now don't we.

February 27, 2013 at 6:29 p.m. ( | suggest removal )