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Comments made by lynnis

How Will School District Cut $141 Million Deficit?

In this economy families andindividuals are being asked to cut back. As a substitute teacher I was shocked to learn that 45 schools last year bought mobile coolers and insulated warmers for each of their classrooms so that children can eat in their classrooms in lieu of the cafeteria BEFORE school starts. Instead of children coming into the classroom ready to learn. They had to first get in the que to wash their hands, then get a place mat for their desk, then wait to be tallied to see if they wanted a hot pocket breakfast burrito or not, a syrupy fruit cup and or chocolate milk in a plastic pouch. Administering this meal with kids all but burning their hands as they tried to open the burritos, spilling the syrupy peaches on the tables and floor and then chocolate milk spewing over the new carpet which was purchased for this school less than a year prior, .... by the time the kids ate and washed hands again. 9 kids ate the hot pockets and all 24 children did not start their curricular instruction until 9:50. the bell rang at 9:10. I fail to understand this model and why it is place and is being celebrated and the program expanded.

October 6, 2010 at 9:59 a.m. ( | suggest removal )