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Comments made by macott

Shot Delays: Alternative Vaccine Schedules Mean Fewer San Diego Students Are Fully Immunized

In my children's kindergarden class, based on the data provided here, roughly 20% of the children are unvaccinated or undervaccinated. Unless the lack of vaccination is due to medical fragility, these kids need to be fully protected. Mine are vaccinated because I love them, and want to reduce their risks of getting these illnesses.

The parents are irresponsible, and have not done their due diligence. They need to talk to people who have had polio - they are still around. They need to ask about the risks if their children get these dangerous diseases. You don't want your child's leg to hurt? How will you feel when he/she is running a 105 degree fever or you've had to tie socks around her head to hold her jaw up (mumps). Kids used to die from these diseases. Vaccines do not cure, but rather provide a barrier. Your child gets rubella? You'll be lucky if your doctor even recognizes it.

Please folks, do the research. The benefit of the vaccine far outweighs the risks. What is the benefit if your child gets Rubella? Mumps? Measles?

September 19, 2013 at 8:48 a.m. ( | suggest removal )